football world cup promo

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by fox1fire, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. i know football (aka soccer) isn't quite popular in the USA, but it is like superbowl to the square for the whole rest of the world.

    it's every four years and it's happening right now. so i'd suggest a little international promo. kind of a round object like an ender pearl or a slime ball with some special feature.
  2. As we are in the middle of the promo for Independence Day, this will likely not happen sorry.
  3. i'm fine with that, just thought i should suggest it as i got a "soccer ball" poatoe from someone recently ;)
  4. Adding to Rainbow's post, EMC likes to celebrate "Major 'Murican Holidays".

    Also, Football is Football. Soccer is Soccer you stinky Englishman.

    (We never did get a Twinkie promo from when Twinkies were brought back)
  5. Soccerball snowball.
  6. Im Murican and i love soccer.
  7. Is there a world cup thread?
  8. i'd guess your post was ironic ;)

    btw, it is kind of a "major murican holiday" as the USA did play better than anytime before :D

    PS: i'm not english :p