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  1. I just got done making supper for the family and was getting compliments up the ying yang.

    I know what I made was pretty steak and potatoes, as I made PORKCHOPS and potatoes that were mashed. Aha, see what I did there? :D ..... Anyways, I am feeling pretty good about myself right now and it is making me wanna ask this so I can put myself in my place.

    What is the best thing you have ever cooked in recent memory? Yah don't have to go into detail, as I didn't, though I would be happy to tell y'all how I made it if yah ask! :D

    Sorry if this has been done already, I just didn't see it on the misc thread front page O~O
  2. If you want to know if something has already been done, you have to use the search functionality. Anyway...

    It may sound mundane, but I make these bacon cheeseburgers that I think are to die for.

    I make a pretty mean beef stew too... and chicken soup. My wife and I make the stock for those ourselves. That's right, we boil the living he...nether out of those bones and scraps. So much better tasting than those lousy "bouillon cubes" you can get in stores.

    Finally, I know how to handle a grill, and nothing tastes nearly as good as when it's been made on a grill. It's almost getting warm enough to do, too! Can't wait for that. :D
  3. I've been told (by a marshmallow connoseiur, of course :p) that I roast marshmallows like nobody's business. Uh-huh. Every time I try to actually cook, I end up setting fire to something. Needless to say, after my grandpa and I (it was his fault, I swear) burned up the toaster on Christmas, we were forever barred from the kitchen.
  4. My hubby does all the cooking. The last thing I remember cooking myself was a Shepherd's Pie. It didn't turn out exactly right but I admit I was in a pretty foul mood due to being in pain and I was trying to prove to his wench of a friend that I could be an awesome wife and that I'm not lazy.
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  5. I love anything with potatoes. Greatest thing ever created.
  6. chicken tetrazzini

    An old family recipe. It is soooooo yummy. Filled with fresh veggies, mushrooms - with a creamy yummy sauce and big chunks of chicken.

    Italiano perfetto
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  7. i like my marshmallows burnt. i will put them right in the fire, catch em, watch em, then blow it out. and repeat until the entire thing is nice and toasty :) so how do you make your mallows!?!
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  8. I just kind of sit there and turn them until they're at that perfect golden-brown stage. Occasionally, I'll just burn em up, but I like to eat them right off the stick.
  9. i can't just eat mallows, i gotta have the whole smore. ohmygod... smores. now that, is love. lol
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  10. I tried to do a omelette. the result was a disgusting amorphous mound with floating potatos. :confused:
  11. I make a mean seafood dish. (Blackened tilapia, made with butter, lemon juice, paprika, cumin, and lemon pepper salt. Dirty rice, made with a green bell pepper, tomato, and onion sautéed mix, and boiled shrimp, with my special yellow seasoning. Corn on the cob soaked in crab boil and water.)

    But then again, I'm a chef from the south. I want to go to culinary arts school...
  12. My last "big" cooking was Devils on Horseback.
  13. Speaking of that, y'all should try my asparagus wrapped in bacon and grilled. That stuff is good...
  14. Oh yeah, derp <w>

    Hey! Nothing is mundane with BACON.

    Hahah, my family does the same, so I can agree with yah there. Chicken, the gift that just keeps on giving ;D

    True dat

    That sounds awesome XD And poor toaster ;w; (Also, marshmallows FTW)

    Hey, anyone playing minecraft is awesome in my books. (And by books I mean roughly glued together sheets of lined paper with names scribbled in with crayons. Too broke to by some real good hardcovers XD)

    Gotta love the irish :D

    Oh sweet jegus, that looks good OwO

    You had me till green peppers and tomatoes XD Though everything else sounds AWESOME. The only fish related food I have made was an eggdrop soup with fish sauce/oil in it :confused:

    Ohgodbacon owo

    Hehehe, that sounds amazing (Had to google it), though it would kill my dad with the nuts in it ;P
  15. I agree. I love potatoes. I once wrote a speech about them for my speech class.

    The best food I've made was a pot of chili. It wasn't as good as my grandma's chili, though.
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  16. I cook all the time as I cook for a living, haha.

    The best thing I've made recently was a grilled Chicken Supreme with a Rosemary and Bacon Redwine Reduction.
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  17. Rice Fried in Chicken Broth with chicken marinated in Sweet and Sour Sauce on top, mixed with vegetables and flavored with mango, with cumin on top.
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  18. Cumin is one of my favourite spices. Sounds delicious!
  19. I am sorry to say, but the moment you said supreme, I started thinking fast food XD For shame, my brain, for shame :D But that really does sound good. What type of restaurant do you work in? owo~?

    OwO That sounds goood *drools slightly*