Food and Cake: Twins?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by foodenator, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Lol.... This is not a troll thread you will see why I posted this in a minute.
  2. Now you see?
  3. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
  4. *gasp* ;)
  5. One cannot simply fight his twin whom happens to love cake.
  6. You can just call rob and tell him to post . . .

    Still not believing it ...
  7. Mmm Hmm. I'm da boss. :p
  8. It's like.. Twins..
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  9. Your HTML_mans alt?
  10. Post at the SAME time and ill believe it
  11. He didn't say anything.... He typed it up.
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  12. sorry, but no. I gave a good hint about my alt in my last post on my thread.
  13. I see what you did there...
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  14. I see what you did there...
  15. Wait.... Foodenator joined 4 days after Rob.
  16. Ohreally emcake_party?
  17. 2 minuite delay . . .

    Still dont believe u
  18. +1 for rob and food for being twins, I'm a fellow twin too
    If same person *cakeface*