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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ConductorConduit, Apr 24, 2015.

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  1. Since the Friday night mining hasn't been posted...

    I have decided we should as a community make our own.

    If you want to join, we are at...
    Smp6 Wasteland NW & Go West
    x:-2338 z:-1979

    WE also have a group in mumble in the FNM chat so join us! We would like to hear some new voices!

    All EMC rules
    You are liable for your items if you die!
    Bring food and items
    Have a good attitude :)

    Time to meet:
    9:15pm EMC Time 12/11/15

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  2. Sounds gr8 m8 b there 4 sure

    R8 12/8
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  3. That's pretty cool of you. :) I'll help spread the news if it doesn't seem to be traveling.
  4. So far, a good number have shown up between the town and the mining site in the mountains to the east of the town.
    Come join us! :)
  5. Join us its just as fun as a regular FNM :)
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  6. Nice idea but i can't go i have an event to run toammarow i need to start getting ready
  7. Please keep your bumps to at least 3 hours after somebody has posted. :)
  8. this isn't an auction i don't think it applies don't say i am wrong if i am i don't know much about this
  9. You can only bump posts at a minimum of three hours after the last post. This applies to all threads.
  10. ok thanks but you corrected me lol
  11. Thank you who all participated during FNM public held Event. Successful turn out of 12!
    Screenshot (1).png
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  12. So I'm guessing you are hosting again? If you are where are we going?
  13. ugg should im a bit busy * gets phone out and plays minecraft *
  14. smp9 i think
  15. But yes in smp9
  16. Oh... I didn't read that...
  17. Is there one tonight?
    if so what server?
  18. The Fun has Started at FNM, Why not come?
  19. awesome! I'll join :) are there any staff coming? :p
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