Flying Whales

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  1. Made my day.
  2. I watched a couple of the Thug Life compilations that were linked at the end of that video. What a treat.
  3. None of us are sure. All we know is that it is important.
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  4. there were indeed whales
  5. Wailmer mega evolution
  6. Indeed
  7. Someone please give me a explanation for this.
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  8. If you were serious... from the description:

    "Whenever I listen to the song "Flying Whales" by Gojira, this is what I imagined in my head, so I had to make it."
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  9. I don't know why, but this entertained me. A lot. Enough that I watched it three times. :p
  10. You're still in the single digits? Pffft. Amateur.
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  11. Still insanely confused about what just happened in that video that I watched repeatedly about 23 times. I think I'm being hypnotized by it :D
  12. Judging by the traumatised comments, I am concerned that I may be scarred for life by the viewing of this :p y'all seem..affected.. xD
  13. That's not even a flying whale ._.
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  14. I'm proud of the contribution I've made to the EMC community :p

    The song is called flying whales
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  15. Um, okay...
  16. *Watches like 12 times*
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