Flying on your res? Allowed or Not ?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Owned_Emil99, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    Do you think that is should be allowed to fly on your res?

    Write a comment if "Agree" or "Disagree" .

    Homefully the Admin will spot this thread.
  2. while flying on your res would help great with building and picture taking, limiting it to a 60x60 res would probably be difficult, also, but have you ever been in creative? flying moves to fast to be effective in a 60x60 res to be honest. it would make moving a chore.

  3. I will have to kindly say I disagree.
  4. Disagree. It makes building those impressive structures too easy and takes away from the reward aspect of it.
  5. Disagree and lol u wrote homefuly
  6. Disagree it would make it way to easy to make stuff.
  7. I agree with ISMOOCH, It would be difficult. But I like the idea that you shouldn't have to duck and jump through every hoop other players have to.. I mean if you have open a door, everyone will invade your space.. But There would have to be holes everywhere in your res, and no roofs... Also, underground would be a pain.... :confused:

  8. Disagree
  9. Disagree... It would really take away from a player's TRUE creativity and flare... I like seeing what you all can accomplish on your own merit :)
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  10. I'll have to say that I disagree.
  11. I invite you to come to smp3 and go to plot 7300... lemme know if u think working up there would be fun if i could fly =)
  12. I would agree, but I do not. As if we could fly, we would either fall down if we leave the lot or just fly around. Keeping it cornered would take a long time and very hard. I also agree that working harder would make things more of a success!