flying in your res

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  1. you should be able to fly in your res it would make it so much easyer to build:D
  2. Nooo way
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  3. and take away the real skill of building? Na thanks.
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  4. ye cmon guys i wan 2 fly /sarcasm
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  5. And the bear has made an appearance.
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  6. EMC is a vanilla Server = No Flying
  7. P.S. I couldnt find him on any meme website so I used a bear you posted in a old post
  8. well, its bukkit but you get the point
  9. Have I used him before?

    EDIT: Yeah, I remember where.
  10. I *fly on my res but only direction i go is straight down lol dang gravity. I'm always trying to fight it :p

    *disclaimer I don't use fly mod on EMC said it to make a joke
  11. I have your bear <3
  12. I personally hate flying. It is way to hard to control for me in creative mode... I still use it though no matter how much it annoys me
  13. Look mom I can fly ..........splat :oops: noo I can n n t :p
  14. if its against the rules, it wont be added
  15. EMCer's weren't meant to fly (ahhh...)
    No reaching up, to touch the sky... (ahh...) Excludes /res unstuck
    Don't do it one more time (ahh...)
    The ban hamster will strike!
    [Sorry, just had to put the Jack song about fliers here}

    In all honesty, I think that no flight is what makes building great. Town is a near creative world, just you're on survival and I think it achieves a perfect balance. If you need to quickly get to high areas of your res, a little tip I can give you is to /res unstuck then /res tpsign/tpset so you can make ways to get to where you need.
  16. Ban hamster? lol

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  17. Don't need to fly when you don't die from fall damage. Flying is about about saving time and minecraft is all about using up lots of time.
  18. XD