Flying For Under Rankers?

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Should under ranking people have the ability to fly?

Poll closed Apr 3, 2013.
Yes 2 vote(s) 3.8%
No 50 vote(s) 96.2%
  1. I would like to suggest an idea for the server and the people within the server. My idea is to sell people flying time on the server.

    Works like this:

    Step 1: Pick the fly time amount you want
    Step 2: Pay for the fly time
    Step 3: Enjoy your flying time

    Prices (Not exact and used for demenstration purpose only):
    5Minutes > 1000r
    10Minutes > 2000r
    30Minutes > 6000r
    1Hour > 12000r

    You would set this up at the server shop and who ever wanted to have flying time can simply buy it there. Thing is, once you buy, you can't log off. This means switching servers! Once you where to log off, you would waste the time and rupees for nothing.

    Bought 30Minutes of flying time for 6000r and only used 10Minutes before you logged off. You would lose the extra 20Minutes and would not get any refund.

    Any Question/Concerns? Reply to this thread or PM me with the Questions/Concerns. Thanks and enjoy your morning/afternoon/evening.
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  2. You could do this. Or you could buy diamond.
  3. -_-
    I dont have pay pal and i wish there was a way to donate through mail
  4. Maybe screw this thread and make a thread about the mail thing. I actually think that the mail in thing is a pretty good idea and i would totally support it.
  5. I think one of the main things that makes this server great it that it's vanilla survival with sprinkles, and in my opinion flying is way to far into Creative mode. I'm not even a fan of Diamond supporters being able to on Utopia, so I don't think this would happen :/
  6. But that's rather the point of Utopia, it's the supporter's playground :)
    We can do pretty much whatever we like there (within the rules of course)
    Flying is just one of those things.
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  7. The problems I see with giving flying to all but Diamond on Utopia is there are so many kids who don't bother with the forums that they wouldn't know. Some only use the forum once, to sign up, then they just stick to the server. You would have numerous "/report jimmytat0rt0tz34423434 for fly hacks" which are false reports and can be punished.

    Also, those who didn't know or didn't have the rupees to afford flying would still try to break the rules and download fly hacks and when banned use the excuse "Everyone else flies!"
  8. Wait Diamond Supporters can fly in Utopia.
    ._. This is my favorite text face ever........
  9. Yes they can
  10. Well then.......
    Learn something new everyday.
    I miss being a diamond supporter.......
    I shall go back to diamond soon! I hope....
  11. lol they added this feature a while back.
  12. Yes but i went off the EMC grid for a few months :p
    I assume this was added during my time away.
  13. Yup
  14. This wouldn't work. Liek what Mrs. Panda said, everyone would be mistook for fly hacking, and eventually banned. People could also abuse this, and get a hacked client, and turn on their flying hack.

    That is why I say no.
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  15. when the voting EMC Credits comes out, they have supporter samples.
  16. I clicked the link in ur signature...

    How do u make the thing in ur signature any ways? I meant he the strips of words.
  17. Diamond perks should stay diamond. We pay actual money for the perks, and it wouldn't be fair to have people using them.
  18. As far as Im concerned, there are 4 uses for flying:

    1-building and breaking whatever you want in seconds, ruining the challenge, which I always say is the fun part


    3-punching mobs from right above them so they cant hurt you

    4-thinking you have a special ability that most ppl dont have which makes you look cool, when in reality, everyone has it, and in a month, its rly not that fun anymore

    Whats the point in this? No offence, but I can only see cheating and everyone having nothing to do, because they have finished all their projects in a few minutes if this happens.
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  19. I don't like it, even if it's just in town, it would have to go for a very high price.
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  20. *James flies past some kid*
    (Kid): Oh my gosh! How did you fly like that? Is it a mod?
    (James): Yep! (Lol) It's TOTALLY a mod, but don't report me, k? ;)
    (Kid): But that's illegal! *Report*
    (James) *To himself* Lol, falsereporthehehehe.
    This happened, so much, with those /d [mobname] additions.. lol...
    Good idea. Not-so-good action plan. Need'z discuss :U
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