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  1. hey guys i would partically like justin to read this i have been playing minecraft and emc for a while and ill admit i use fly mod on single player and i was wondering because i always say to my self that we need it in town fly? just the speed of creative or even just the glass thing because its so much easyer to build and create.
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  2. Hi creepervsbunny, i can see why you would want a fly mod in town, but many of us have created huge projects with just the standard jump and click methods (and a lot of crouching). Its true all of it could have been done much quicker and easily with a fly mod but that would take away some of the awe-inspiring-ness created from our works.
  3. yes i agree but i was wondering because i never made a server can they still put the bukkit in?
  4. also with the hight of um how much was it.. it doesnt matter its would be quicker
  5. the server is run with bukkit plug-ins, it what (along with some justin magic) makes the server work the way it is, a fly mod could easily be activated in it but it would ruin the building fun for all of us who have to 'climb to reach our goals!'
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  6. lol, but yes i just thought it would be much easier
  7. This is a legit server. Even the admins/mods don't use flying or spawn items. Want to fly? Pack your stuff up and take a flight to a different server.
  8. i only mean for building

  9. i know you only mean for building and its true it would be easier, but
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  10. We do not allow the fly mod at all. Using such mod on this server will result in a permanent ban.
    We are a legit SMP server here at EMC. ANY mods that give a player an advantage over others are banned here.
    And anyone who thinks they can use one of these kinds of mods and get away with it without being noticed ... you are wrong. The staff will always catch you =]
  11. 1. This is a legit server, so never.
    2. Senior Staff and Admin can use fly mod.
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  12. Mods don't even have the ability =P The only real power we get other than Ban Hammers is teleport, which we are not allowed to use for personal gain.
  13. Yeah I agree it would be nice to fly, not only for building purposes, but also to "travel" around the streets watching epic creations and to make epic videos about them :) I personally would like that, but this is 100% legit and I still follow the rules *maye it could be a supporter perk* o: that would make people become supporter fast as fly mod :p
  14. Btw I know a good (cracked tho) server that allows fly mods, pm me if u want the ip :) *i will not promote this server I'm talking about, I won't just give the ip to everyone ;)*
  15. Its simply not needed. If you need to go somewhere fast, you teleport.
  16. i really don't want to destroy your illusions, but since my res is direct next to the smp3 amusement park i can remember a mod quite well flying up to me and flying back to the park, building ;)

    but i don't blame them since it's an awesome park :)
  17. Flying is used by Senior Staff, not for personal gain.Only when needed to complete a large project such as the Amusement Park.
  18. I think because it was for the server and not for one mods lot, they might have been allowed to fly and spawn items. It's an addition to the EMC server for everyone.

    But for anything else, I am also against fly mods. While it does make it easier, we are still an SMP server not a creative server. Jump click works fine for me :D
  19. Theres no escaping.... >: )
  20. I had never seen them do it. Its not really an illusion. When Justin said even admins/mods play legit, what reason did I have not to believe him?