Floating Orb Survival Map!

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  1. Hello, EMCers! I just thought I would make and share my own survival map! It is merged with my BoneChill server files, but I'm pretty sure there is NO way to find out the IP for the server. Basically, this is one of the easiest custom maps I've seen to win, but it's fun! All you have to do is click the download link I posted, and unzip the folder to play. Basically, you have a series of objectives to escape the bedrock orb, and win the custom map! Please don't yell at me if it is poor quality, but this is the first map I have ever made and I really wanted to share it with someone. Here are some pictures of it; 2013-01-06_23.47.02.png 2013-01-06_23.47.16.png 2013-01-06_23.47.37.png

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  2. To be clear if the pictures didn't help: The objectives are:
    Make a bed by breeding the sheep.
    Make a furnace.
    Don't make a wooden pick!
    Find the main chest on the spawn island.
    Smelt the iron.
    Make a farm.
    Make an iron pick.
    find and mine all 3 diamonds.
    Make a diamond pick.
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  3. I will try this tomorrow since I have to go to sleep soon
  4. Nice! Teach me how to use MCedit
  5. I didn't use MCEdit on any of this. The reason it's merged with my server files was because I'm TERRIBLE at using it. Please don't yell at me if the link doesn't work, I uploaded this at 11 AM and didn't feel like testing the link.
  6. Looks cool, i'll try it out!

  7. He did use WorldEdit. He didnt use MCEdit.
  8. Sorry everyone! I edited the original post with the new link for the custom map!
  9. I made a hardcore version that I guatantee will be harder to complete.
  10. I might consider making separate islands that you can travel to after you get out of the orb if you do.
  11. I might try this out tomorrow if I don't forget to do it :D

    Have to sleep now, 12:32am here :D
  12. Good night. Hope you enjoy the map. Also, I'm going to add the hardcore version to the OP.
  13. This is the sphere when there's nothing in it. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to clear out everything in it. Do you think it's big enough?
  14. Well, that was short. But I enjoyed it.
  15. If it was short, try the hardcore one. Untitled.png
  16. If anybody has an idea on how I could improve this custom map, please tell me.
  17. Add more little islands:)
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  18. I took down the download links to add some extra islands and small updates in the map. They'll be up again in the morning tomorrow.
  19. Bump. Also, I want to see people's opinions on how they liked the map.
  20. the orb when im done with it.

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