Flint and Steel Solution

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  1. I haven't heard this one yet so I'm going to give it a go. Would it be possible to prohibit the usage of items on certain blocks? If so this would solve the griefing problem where setting fire to buildings, which is the most popular grieving/trolling method.

    . All you would have to do is make it so you can't set fire to flammable items. (this would exclude obsidian and nether, the only REAL reasons to use flint and steal imo.

    You could apply the /res set spread false code available to your res In town to the wild. These both seem very possible to me, so I'd like to see what Justin and some other mods have to say about this being possible. Other people who are good with coding and commands are welcome to put input too. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. That could work. It's a good idea, I've witnessed one two many wool statues being burnt down.
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  3. The thing about the firespread flag is that it stops the spreading of everything (grass mushrooms mycel etc.). And people actually use flint and steel to burn there houses down if they want to remove it without taking it down manually or resetting your res.
  4. Flint and steel does have some legitimate uses. I grew some trees on the edge of my property, and I guess it's possible for wood blocks to branch outside of your plot when saplings grow. I took down most of the what was there, but there were ugly chunks of tree left floating right outside my lot. Thankfully, I was able to light them on fire to get rid of them.
  5. Im not talking about Res's, I'm talking about the wild FYI
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  6. One option would be to just ban flint and lava in wilderness all together...
  7. Would this prevent the collection of lava with buckets?
  8. Also, could there be any way to protect a building? maybe something like 'worldguarding' an area for x rupees?
    *at wilderness*
  9. It wouldn't have to no....
  10. Its called Town ;)
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  11. It's not a bad thought then to ban fire causing items in the wild, it may be an inconvenience to wild-dwellers however.
    I believe griefers would just do the griefing manually if their auto-grief fire tools were removed, they still want to have their fun. :(
    It certainly would prevent many murders though.
  12. *troll detected*
    Anyways, i mean something like a wilderness base i make and i want to protect...
    i have seen stuff like worldguard for x money, also stuff where if i place a certain type of block, then an x area will be protected, something like that Justin :p
  13. I like your idea justin, i just didn't want to have to got that far
  14. hmm not sure if this is joking or not :)

    if not a joke:
    would this mean you would be unable to light nether portals in the wilderness? and what about mob traps that need lava to operate?

    if it is a joke:
    well, i say lava and flint are not the cause of grief, players are. so let's ban players from the wilderness.
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  15. And how am I going to make a portal?
  16. I agree, if we banned players from the wilderness all these problems would go away!

    Edit: I was being sarcastic about banning flint and lava, although some servers do that.
  17. Leave it, i use it for land clearing nothing more. Because people grief does not mean we "legit players" should suffer from what they do.
  18. There was a server that ban water too. ;)
    They say people there grief with water.
  19. Plenty of servers ban water.
  20. Banning items is sorta like DRM.Its normally causes more issues for the average person then the people causing said trouble.
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