Flags for limited area of a residence?

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  1. Is it possible, perhaps w/staff assistance, to setup a sub-zone within a residence?

    Example: I have a cobblestone generator. I'd like to make it publicly available, but in order to do that I need to set +destroy.

    Obviously I can't have that set for my entire residence. So I'd like to set +destroy on just a one-block high, 10 x 12 area.

    Is that possible?
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  2. As far as I know of this doesn't exist. Also I don't think staff would do this, for free.:p
  3. If they could do it, I understand it would involve a fee - similar to bridging residences & other staff services.
  4. As far as I know, it has been thought of, but the current system is extremely buggy. There are times when staff are making subzones and they need to reset the whole server to change something in it. So unless the current system changes, I don't think it will be possible. I could be wrong though :p
  5. What about something like:
    /res pset fishmeal destroy:cobblestone t
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  6. EMC-53
  7. Looks abandoned. Is that the case?
  8. It has been bumped up recently, meaning they are looking into it, but it's not a priority. Also means it has already been suggested and noticed by staff.
  9. Residence subzones are possible but are currently only able to be used manually by Sr Staff. I don't recall them being buggy?, but there is no system that allows a player to then change the permissions. If a residence was reset, the subzone and the staff created permissions would still be there, and there isn't really a system to even remember that it's a thing, so it could become a lot of loose ends eventually.

    Greater control of permissions and flags was an issue during some of the creation of the games server (which has not yet been released). The code was examined and extended with consideration for future enhancements. There are lots of projects potentially in the pipeline, but this specific feature has no eta.
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  10. Thanks. I can definitely see how the tracking issue could be a problem if it was not all wiped when the zone was reset.