[Flag] Fishing Rods

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  1. The new kill flag is great! All those cute little mobs in town are safe from sharp swords and deadly arrows, even from players with a build flag. But wait... One deadly weapon allows mobs to still perish horribly. Enter the fishing rod, which is still able to hook mobs in anybody's residence... and if the holder of this rod was to stand on a nearby high point and real that mob in, that mob's life could end due to fall damage. The fishing rod can be fatal, and something has to be done about that. All sorts of havoc could be created with a single rod, including the death and release of fenced-in mobs. Stop the madness now!
  2. I'm not sure if you're joking...but do we REALLY need another flag? :(
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  3. Doesn't hurt to have the maximum number of configurations available for your Residence.
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  4. I really see no point in having to do /res pset kilmannan fishingrod true/false just like i see no point for anvil flags, boat flags and minecart flags. I should be able to do an access sign or give someone use, not have to give use and anvil. I do see valid reasons for the following as they keep you from losing animals and getting reses blown up.
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  5. I am not joking. What is the point of having a kill flag if your animals can still be killed?
  6. I agree that you could handel this things with access signs, but all those flags make it easyer. But the minecraft flag was needsd, so no one can steal your minecart,
  7. I agree and disagree with ramen, this could be a good flag because you don't want your animal to die from a fishing rod
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  8. I think that fishing rods should be included with another flag - probably the kill flag or the use flag. Also, are splash potions use-able on anyone's res? Because if so, they present another way that people can kill your animals. In 1.6, we'll even have to deal with leashes, which are also mob-related. It seems like a difficult decision to figure out which things need their own flags and which don't, but I do agree that fishing rods should probably be limited.
  9. No, that was fixed recently. :)
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  10. How so? Leads break once too far and if the animal gets lead out of the res they get teleported back in.
  11. It's not likely that someone will actually kill animals using a leash, but it is possible to mess things up. For example, if someone had sheep in a fence, it might be possible to get all of them out of it. It would be annoying.
  12. I disagree. There is a kill flag. The fishing rod does not obey the kill flag, allowing it to kill animals. How would an access sign work? And also, I think a lot of other people want more flags for residences. More flags make residences much more easier :D
  13. For some reason I dont think anybody would go through all that trouble for a small effect
  14. And we have slipped into a debate on the usefulness of a leash flag and flags in general. The point is, fishing rods can kill mobs, so I think we need a flag.
  15. I simple words... AGREED!
  16. This should not become a part of a use or kill flag. Make it its own flag.
  17. After a large amount of sheep abuse testing, a few things have come to light:
    1. Although the hurt red animation thing appears when you use a fishing rod on an animal, it doesn't seem to take any amount of damage (I got through 4 fishing rods on a single sheep without it dying).
    2. Any animal that leaves your res (including when hooked using a fishing rod) will automatically be teleported to res spawn within 5 seconds of it leaving.
    Releasing of fenced in mobs is a problem though - and as such, I have added this issue to track. http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-128
  18. I think that we should have an Animal flag overall making it so you can have no or all interactions with animals. It would really lower the flag amounts needed.
  19. No, it isn't the fishing rod hurting the mob. It is the fall damage. If a player were to hook a mob and go to a high point before reeling in the line, and possibly do this more than once, the mob could easily be killed by fall damage. I have tried this before at my old residence. The fishing rod itself is harmless. The fall damage that can result from using the rod is not harmless.
  20. Thanks for commenting on the bug report Jack. >.<