[Fixed Price] smp1 end portal cords [fixed price]

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  2. lol yes
    but im looking for someone to buy it i dont use it no more
  3. We're able to sell Cords to the End Portals...
  4. It is classed as a spawner . in minecraft . look in the minecraft.jar and in pics theres spawners and end
  5. Ehm you can't destroy the end portal.... :)
  6. 20000 is wayyyyyy too high! plus, there are 9 end portals for everyone to be able to find, not including utopia's. All someone has to do is ask a friend who knows. 20000 can buy yourself a lot of enderpearls and blaze powder...
  7. I'm pretty sure they stopped putting in the end portals after sm5 so that would mean only 5 portals.
  8. Theirs one in smp7
  9. Never mind then I clearly have no idea what I'm talking about.
  10. There is an end portal on smp6 too. I'm not sure you will be allowed to sell this as anyone can find this and I'm sure people already have found this before.
  11. He can sell any coords, but only as long as everyone who knows them gives him permission. Which isnt going to happen:p
  12. I am hoping to buy it, but how do you skip the credit?
  13. No one is going to buy it... they will read these comments and contact the people that know where it is.. completely pointless to try and sell it.. and your a "new member" ... you more than likly asked around to find it.. then try and sell it..
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  14. I see others selling classes on redstone circuitry, improving grinders, and I think I saw someone offering a class on living in the Wild. Information regarding all these can be obtained easily if you look for it. Any of us could find The End on this server given the time and inclination. The OP is offering to make it easy. I don't see a problem with the OP trying to sell this information.
  15. I dont think this should be allowed. Maybe paid tours to the end would be more legit
  16. well is no one going to buy it ? its the end !! smp1 ask someone where it is no one apart from me [i think] no"s where it is well this portal is the one i found so ill drop it to 17000 ?
  17. I'll show anyone where the smp6 portal is for free if you PM me.
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  18. the end at smp9 had a city
  19. Selling coords to specific locations is allowed although when it has been sold it is only knowledge therefore if anybody finds it nothing can be said against them. Non any owns a spawner or portal in the wild. But 20k is too high for it I would say...
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  20. Alright will do ;)