[Fixed Price] smp1 end portal cords [fixed price] is allowd [Closed]

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  1. Selling cords for end portal on SMP1 only.

    Price 14.000r
    For the proof in attached File.

    When You have paid for the cords you will get sent the full .png file with all the cords.

    This is SMP1 only i have not removed the portal just the stonebricks around it.



    You may use the Community Market place and for a [set price]. You may NOT use the auctions to sell locations.

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  3. I know all the cords on every server I may Just make a thread about it and remove this silly buisness
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  4. Yer u do that!
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  5. 14,000 is a big price for coords D:
  6. What's the value of maybe 10 eye of enders and about a half hour of time?
  7. Well i can get blaze rods 10r each and ender pearls for free
    SO 110r all up
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  8. Closing thread.
    This sub forum is for auctions only. End portal locations are not sellable.
    There is no rule against having a ridiculously high price though.
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