Fishing rods taking damage in PvP.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JParsonsX, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. So, I've recently discovered the fishing rod PvP strats and I've been working on my skill in PvP. Well, apparently they take damage in PvP =P I thought all armor/tools do not take durability damage in PvP.
  2. Oh okay sorry I repeated a suggestion. I'll just have to have a whole vault filled up with fishing rods.....xD
  3. I believe there was a time when they didn't take damage but Aikar removed it because people were just fishing in the pvp arenas so that their rods never broke.
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  4. Oh okay. That makes sense lol. Well, I'd rather use up a bunch of rods used up than have people complaining about them being killed PvP when they are fishing :p
  5. Correct, but then the report logs were filled because people would fish and get killed then report the person who killed them. PVP is for PVP, not for fishing. If you want to go fishing do it at a proper place like the wild or a res like /v park or /v 12731.