Fishing lake and tackle shop coming to smp2

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  1. i am creating a full plot lake were you can come and chill with friends will update when complete small lake available at the moment 5 rp for rod and lake access.
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  2. That sounds interesting! Depending on how this turns out the staff might even be able to use it in a something fishy event (in case you're not familiar with that: it's where we all go out to fish somewhere and simply have fun. No competition, no nothing; just something fishy going on ;))
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  3. That would be kl should be ready within a week

  4. Sorry this thread made me remember this scene from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. :p
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  5. Love it large my shop will be better
  6. The lake is now open it is on Smp2 res is 3498 there are 2 lakes one small just for show can fish on it but not much room 2nd lake has 17 pegs along with furriness to be able to cook your catch rods are 5rp each make the most of it and bring friends collect xp and fish while chatting and chilling.

  7. Sorry, I had the same thought as Foxy and went to a random Disney movie... Fishy isn't it.
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