Fishing Lake and Enchanted Book Shop

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  1. Hello again everyone!

    My Enchanted Book Shop is very popular with SMP 8 so I just wanted to make sure the other servers know where I am!

    I have every top trade enchanted book for sale along with other very useful items such as Bows, Rods, Tools, Weapons and Armour. My prices are also fair!

    Along with my shop I have created a Fishing Lake for everyone to use across the Empire. It is free and I don't have to be there for you to use it and you don't need my permission to go on my res! Its there for everyone to use whenever you wish! I do sell Rods and all Enchanted Books for the rods too!

    As Of August 12th I have had a major re-fit of the shop! Make sure to come along and have a look!!

    Ive waffled on enough so I'll leave some pics and I hope to see you all there soon!

    ClareMuss :)
    SMP8 /v16029

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  2. Just knocking the post up the list! :)
  3. Major Re-Fit to the shop! Be sure to head over and check it out! :)
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  4. No enchanted book store seems to sell books. possible because a bug. and i need some books very hard.
  5. claremuss mysteriously disappeared months ago, so she is currently unable to restock any of her items.