Fishing Contest

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Where do you want the fishing contest to be?

Empire Pool (smp1) 10 vote(s) 52.6%
Minecraft Park (/park @ smp2) 8 vote(s) 42.1%
luckycmusic45's res (smp6 @ 12641) 1 vote(s) 5.3%
  1. Hey Everybody, just want to let everybody know that I am having another fishing contest on May 3, 2015, 6:00 EST on my 500th day of playing EMC. Location will be determined by your votes. I am taking a poll of where you want the fishing contest to be.

    On one of the choices on the poll question, The Minecraft Pool is on /smp1 @ 211. I didn't put the res number of where the empire pool was.
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  2. I just wrote this down, and I'll definitely try to make it there!

    Figured this thread could use a bump so.. here ya go :)
  3. Cool! I'll try to make it, sounds like fun!
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  4. [ UPDATE ]
    Okay guys it's getting down to crunch time, my 500th day is almost here so please keep voting on where you want the fishing contest to be. So far, I'm going to have my fishing contest at the Empire Pool on smp1 but if you want a different location please vote on the poll question.

    I will explain the rules when it gets a little closer to the day but just keep reading this thread and vote on my poll question. Can't wait to see you there at my fishing contest.
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  5. [ UPDATE ]

    Hey everybody, just want to remind you the fishing contest is drawing near. So I will go over the rules with you:

    1. You have to catch 30 raw fish and 30 raw salmon.
    2. Any foul or vulgar language will be automatically be disqualified.
    3. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners (Prizes will be determined).
    4. During the fishing contest, chat in residence chat ONLY.

    I can see on the poll question that the Empire Pool is still the place to be for the fishing contest. I thank you so much for your votes. I hope I get to see you there at the fishing contest. Like I said before I will find prizes to give away at the fishing contest before the event. I will make sure I have it on the day of the contest.
  6. Hey, the prize is good fishing!
  7. Lol. I agree with you ChunMiner.
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  8. I need to remind you guys that the fishing contest is just an event to have people around and visit and fish. Again, I hope to see you guys at the contest.
  9. Okay guys I'm closing the poll questions. Looks like from the votes I got, the Empire Pool is the winner for the fishing contest. I hope everybody comes out to the contest and just have fun. A reminder of the date is Sunday, May 3, 2015 @ 6:30pm EMC time at the Empire Pool over at smp1 @ /v 211. Looking forward to having a great time with other EMC players.

    I want to thank everybody for voting on my question. VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks again. Hope to see you at the contest.
  10. If there is any tips that you can give me next time when I host something, please let me know.
  11. Hey, Luckymusic. Did you shout out on all the servers yet? I haven't been paying attention to chat lately, but that would be good.
  12. So it is today, I'm definitely trying to make this. Ha, my agenda hasn't let me down :)
  13. That is terrific.