first thing you rember saying on a mc server

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  1. i said "eating angry birds fruit gummies"
  2. I can't remember.
  3. i said "abcdefg i love emc"
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  4. um, probably: "what's with all the noobs on this server? amirite?"
    "Soo, Who likes waffles?"
    followup on both: "Trololololo ;)"
  5. you forget to say "h"
  6. NO i it was "abcdefg" then "i love emc"
  7. Hi or minimoose!
  8. "Help im lost in wild!"
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  9. "Murrgetter what res # is yours"
  10. "Hey people hows it doin?"
  11. Can someone help me? When you could still do town chat in the wild.
  12. I think I said this :
    I Like Pigs! :p
  13. I said 'Hey everyone' :p
  14. One of my friends has a panderan skin on their miner.. when my old server was in its infancy, I yelled ”KITTEH!!!” over the chat when they first logged in and I saw them.. And then I opted them and set them on creative...:3
  15. (not on emc, on a very bad server, where pvp was not allowed but people did it anyway) omg help im dying soandso is killing me help omg im dying ill give u diamondz if u stop ow please stop ow!
    imbobertrobert was mercilessly beaten to death with a block of dirt by soandso.
    imbobertrobert kicked for lying about soandso, a mod.
    soandso: lol i actually killed him though
    soandso banned from server for pvp.
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  16. [Insert an amazingly good first impression, so good that this server showers me with gifts here]
  17. I said

    <Jeanzl2000> Hello
  18. "I went in water and cant get up, i'm drowning"
  19. I think you're still lost... I've never seen you in town.
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  20. "I'm clicking the blocks and they're not breaking??!!!"