First Residence Competition! [TEST]

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Should this be held?

Yes! 8 vote(s) 88.9%
No. 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Hello!

    Well I have made a suggestion post about a cool competition that focuses on peoples builds and the cool stuff they have on there res's. This is more of a test competition to see how it goes. If this gets good reviews and the players enjoy this. Hopefully this will get recognition and be a EMC event! :)
    Okay now onto how this will work!

    How to play: First, down below, tell me your Res number (Ex: /v 15035 on smp7) and I will go to it eventually and take a tour of it myself (No tours by players, it would take WAY to long.) Please if you could, leave doors and etc. open. So I can check EVERYTHING!

    How long will this last: Depends on how many people want to be apart of this competition. If I get help from trusted people (Staff, etc.) and they can help me tour res's and tell me who they think, stands out. It shall not last long, in at least until say coming Friday (April 10th). If not many people help and its harder to see peoples res's. Maybe until Sunday (April 12th) and if it is just me it could take a while!

    How can I help?: Well first, I will have to be able to trust you because I want a fair competition where there are no unfair advantages. PM me if you want to help out! If I can trust you, I will PM you back with a message! We can reply to the peoples who's res's have been looked over to keep track of who has been looked at. I would LIKE to have only staff, if they would like, to help out. This would make it a lot easier to trust them. ;) But other people can too!

    How will we know who is winning?: We could do this many ways like the good samatarian award voting, break it down to a certain amount of people from each SMP, then have a winner from each SMP. (Each would get a prize) or have one winner of all, depends on what you guys want.

    Prizes?:This will be based on.. who helps, how many people participate, and how much you guys like it! (I will tell you guys though)

    When will my res be looked at?: I will, sadly, not be able to tell, just because of the time it would take.

    What do i need to do?:Just tell me your res number and what smp, then I (or who ever helps) will go take a tour by them selfs.

    PLEASE spread this around if you can! I to bring this idea to EMC staff's mind and hopefully make it a event! If you like the idea, please vote yes on the poll! If we get a lot of negative feedback, I will not hold it. If we get a lot a positive I can make this annual!

    Good luck to all and I hope to see great feedback! :)

    If anyone wants to help, PM me!

    PS: This sadly, can be cancelled, if I have too many people wanting me to look at there res and not enough help.
  2. 11463 and i will help
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  3. 14476 :p like you asked
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  4. 1254, smp1 :)
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  5. If I like your post, it means I have looked at your res :D
  6. 14829 (pretty sure), or just do /v +pg on /smp7
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  7. (CANCELLED) Due to not enough players, Sorry guys.
  8. Wait, I don't understand. The edited OP and this post three above mine seem to be contradicting each other. Are there not enough or too many players?