"First Person To Post This In A Thread Gets a DC Of Stone Slabs" -StoneSlabGod

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something I found! So, on StoneSlabGod's profile, I found this:

    Not sure if he really meant it or not, but if he did.. yay! I'm getting slabs :D

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  2. hi
    y is this a post on the forums? lol
    just msg him asking if he was serious
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  3. hi, how are you?
  4. not great, but not bad either I guess
  5. I'm good. Thanks for asking. Also, just as a warning, I hate having to tell you this, but please: keep the thread on topic. Thanks!
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  6. I thought you left... For Real... Yesterday... Edit: I mean... What? Who said that?
  7. lol, there's not really a topic :p
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  9. Oooh! Well, welcome back! What are you supposed to say to someone who was supposed to leave but didn't? I don't know. I'll just leave it at that :p
  10. Nope..
  11. Thanks? Also, I don't know. By the way: This thread is on a topic. So, please, I really hate saying this: But stay on topic, and you can say it on my status.
    [Late Response]
    Yes, it does. It's on the topic of that message.
  12. ok and y didn't u just message him about it like i asked earlier?
  13. Congrats, stop by 14141 to collect it. :)
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  14. Thanks! :)
  15. Here's some pics :):

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  17. Well goddamn. Due to my accident, I will be giving anybody who found it originally some slabs.
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  18. I could've sworn you really left again... for a fifth time...

    But congrats on the stone slabs and listen to this song.

    We welcome you...
  19. I'm really loving how this is the exact picture I took for my thread.

    Anyway, congrats for the dc of slabs, I guess.
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