first person to find a emerald from mining!!?@

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  1. I was like omg find find find EMERALD but I ended up finding a double ravine + mineshaft in a new generated part of an extreme hill biome on Utopia and I was like searching.. I made a base then lost it 2 mins later then I found 4 diamonds I was like YES! but I was like.. keep searching for emerald... next room over I FOUND THIS!

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  2. You are a truly skilled creeper :p
  3. DAMN! I knew I should of stayed.
  4. I should make a mining service :) btw the texture pack is misa :D
  5. Dont mine it! Use Silk Touch!
  6. I already mined it :/ dont worry it was only one
  7. k get back on utopia...
  8. I am um... At mc donalds at the moment :3
  9. Then I was the second one... Sooooooooo Close! :(
  10. I got the emerald within the firs 10 mins of utopia bring back up with 1.3.1
  11. I got mine in 00:13:27.
    (Yes, I counted the seconds.)
  12. What?
  13. What country r u from?
  14. Um... May I say continent?
  15. I think he wants to know the Time zone...

    I am very impressed- and jealous
  16. lol then, I came to try to silk touch the ore, and we ended up finding about 5 more. lol
  17. Hey i was the first! You heard me too! Grrrrrr.....
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  18. Well, time to go utopia-mining!
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