First monthly TEXP leaderboard complete! (Feb 2012)

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. The February TEXP Leaderboard has been completed and reset for March. I will work on getting a section up for the top 100 each month, but for now here is a screen shot for the top 15:

  2. Quick! Take a screenshot while im still first this month xD
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  3. Rtardo wins!
    good job!
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  4. So what now?
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  5. get xp before it's to late lol
  6. Did retardo win anything?
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  7. A ton of XP, haha. No we don't do rewards for leaderboards at this point. It is a possibility in the future :)
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  8. idk i don't think so but he earnt alot money with his xp on enchantements
  9. How do they earn so much lol
  10. monster traps
  11. A single grinder with a lot of spawners, that's how. :)

    I was lvl 3 before leaderboard reset, now I enchanted my sword at lvl 36 lol.
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  12. I would say out of over 5,000 that is pretty good!
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  13. Congratz! I am proud to say I am number... 3,134 on the leaderboard :D

    I spend way too much time just walking around the empire looking at peoples creations xD
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  14. Somehow I am 601. I spend too much time working on my res. Maxed out the height, each nearly 60x60 floor being dedicated to something, wheat, melons/pumpkin, trees, etc. Still need to dig down towards the core so I can put animals down there.
  15. /v random FTW!
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  16. Possibly one of my favourite commands :D
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  17. hey i remeber racing you earlier and WINNING 1/3 of the time... Im a failure....
  18. Hahah, at least you tried. And I gave you one of my prizes, so don't be too sad :)