First month of school. (School AMA)

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  1. I might be doing this throughout the school year, I don't know. I'm liking 7th grade, my teachers are nice, most of them anyways. My favorite subject is Language Arts because of my teacher, he likes bloody and gory stuff so the class is interesting. I also really like my art class, and my dance class, eh.... Now please, ask me anything reasonable about school.
  2. How did you find out your language arts teacher likes bloody and gory stuff?
    Seems like an interesting story....
  3. When you go to high school, will you die of extreme homework overload (EHO)? It is a serious medical condition suffered commonly by students, especially with projects, notably science fair projects
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  4. After our first sort of actually school work, which was about an old man killing this other guy because of his eye (it was by Edgar Alan Poe, so don't ask), he told the class.

    I surely hope not.
  5. I read that Poe story, I liked it, but not the critical way my teacher analyzed it
  6. Yes! I loved the Telltale Heart!
    I just don't really like the fact that my teacher made us write a 5 para essay on it, and have multiple in-class "discussions"
    There was some brilliant reading of it that I had heard somewhere, but I don't have the Youtube. It's a pretty interesting poem. -----> for those who are interested :p
  7. It's almost as if you were in my class last year 0_0

    As a word of foreboding, if your teacher says you are going to read an interesting story called "the yellow wallpaper" prepare to be bored out of your mind
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  8. Nope, we didn't do the yellow wallpaper. We did do a story about an old lady who poisons young men, stuffs the bodies, and uses them as props.... O_O
    Yeah, weird, I know......
    So far, my high school English class doesn't seem intense in the slightest.
  9. I am home-schooled, I like my teachers... As I go to a co-op, (Where you go to school for like 2 or 3 days a week then they give you homework) And then I get to be at home 5 days of the week, though this week I had 2 test to do at home and one to study for >.> About to do the second test then study, then wake up at 6 am to finish my homework :D
  10. Well um. Have any friends
  11. Do you have any useless subject, like, VERY useless? I am asking this because we have those here
  12. I am in 8th at a charter. It is a good school but I still miss sleeping in.
  13. Urm, What is 7th grade age-wise? :p
  14. I hate AP Euro... Take many ap classes as possible..
  15. homeschool people end up not learning life lesson and have a tough time to adapt to life...
  16. I read that.. It is awesome.... Evermore...
  17. Them school in the east with their money for classes...
  18. Yeah I have those :p

    What's your worst subject?
  19. Please use the edit button.....
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  20. Really? lol, At least I'm not rude :), Anyways, I have been to schools before, so stop thinking you know me :) and try to focus on learning some manners, and using the edit button....
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