First day of school.

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  1. In 30 min is my first day at middle school. :(
  2. Good luck! :)
  3. Good luck, everything will be fine, don't worry :p First day back for me tomorrow at high school, in my last year :) (UK, not US :p)
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  4. Why aren't you studying? Good luck! :)
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  5. 20 Min. left, I might not be on Emc as much :(
  6. Oh well, school comes first - you'll understand more when you're older... ;)
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  7. God luck, have fun.
  8. At least The school Internet works :D
  9. No texting or internet, you dont want to fail, you want to prossper, you will have loads of time to play AFTER school
  10. I am guessing you are a 6th grader? If so, try not to get crushed.
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  11. lol nice advice. school is easy, you just sit down, shut up and make notes of everything, and most of all DO NOT GET ON YOUR TEACHERS NERVES. the one enemy you dont want to have is your teacher.
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  12. When I should not go to school already, I should not be able to type this. I got an iPad from school:p Anyways, school is great when you have friends.
  13. School is also good with any personal laptop. I hardly have to write anything in school.
  14. Good luck! You can do it! :)

    I've been in school for a few weeks already.
  15. I wish my school did this, If I could I would never write and do everything on a laptop/PC, but that's just me :) In my school we just have several computer rooms to use for subjects when needed (In some it's hardly ever due to demand for them :/)
  16. I have been on an American and a Norwegian school and the American is way more harder and more challenging than the Norwegian School, so the bottom line is: Come to Norway, everybody! ;)
  17. Same Except I'm going into my last year of American High School.
  18. Good luck! :)
  19. What's wrong about challenging?XD
  20. Woohoo I finished my first day! It was fun, my friends Are in my class and we have brand to books and sport stuff this year.
    My teacher is also very nice.
    The stuff we will be learning.... Is gonna be soooo hard...