Fireworks Invention

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  1. I don geddit.
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  2. Awesome! Good info for any one creating some display machinery!
  3. Aww He edited it out :(
  4. If I saw it I'm sure it would have been very good to earn praise from Aikar ;)
  5. y u edit info out?
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  6. why
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  7. I love how everyone who commented are well- known members..
  8. didnt notice that lol
  9. Error: The chain of Well Known Members shall now be broken.
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  10. Muhaha now me as only active member destroy the line of well-know members :-P
  11. We so renowned
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  12. :-( i was too late
  13. Umm what is going on here?
  14. Lolwat?
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  15. Exactly
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  16. If we can't have an auto firework shooter, shoot out fireworks constantly - is there atleast a minimum 'spaced-apart' time we could possibly have it for an auto display?
  17. We want to avoid having any auto launchers going off when you arent online. If we allowed what you ask, everyone would do it which would equal lag and annoyance when you arent online. This is why it has been disallowed.
  18. I found a redstone clock actually creates a fine timer for launchers.