Firespread/Grass Plugin.

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  1. I wanted to suggest maybe looking into another way we could control fire spread than the way now. I've seen it on other posts but fire spread keeps grass from growing but grass is needed for animals like sheep to eat. I never really used the fire spread plugin because of this. Early this morning when I was half asleep and moved my cobble gen, I almost lost my new house because I placed wood too close to the lava and it caught the whole place on fire. I panicked but got it put out and repaired my house after turning off Fire spread.
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  2. Why not just replant the grass using bonemeal?
  3. Not the same thing, Xandster.

    I like the idea, Pandas. Although they don't seem linked logically, there must be some programmatical reason why they are. It would be nice to have two separate flags.
  4. Because grass and fire are labelled under 'spread', so the flags turn spread off.
  5. You skipped this part of what I said: " they don't seem linked logically". I get that they are somehow linked in the code. It's just not obvious why.

    If they can be separated in the code into two distinct flags, I would like to see it done.
  6. Because you can't bonemeal grass onto a dirt block. It just grows tall grass and flowers around the dirt block. When animals eat you end up with a single brown dirt block surrounded by grass. With firespread off this grass grows back. With it off, you get stuck with spots of dirt in your res.

    I think it would help if it was separated. Them being linked is confusing. It would be nice to have growing grass while not losing a house to fire.
  7. I agree, removed grass from firespread in next deploy. If anyones house burns down after this change blame Max, she said its working as expected!

    Not going to add a grass flag at this time... Cant see much use in it (Just commented out some lines to make this work for fire only and adding a new flag is alot more work.)
  8. *set's house on fire* MAX! lol jk This will be helpfull! :)
  9. No grass flag? But Aikar we need flags for everything :p
  10. Not adding a grass flag gets a small performance boost by not having to listen in on the event.

    Wed have to keep listening to add a grass flag.
  11. I was being sarcastic, seeing as how everyone wants flags for other things and turning flags off that are supposed to be on etc.