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  1. i thought that maybe fines for cussing like it takes away 1000r every cuss word or takes all money they have if they have less that 1000r it would discourage cussing even more
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  2. I... really don't think that's a good idea. Rules and moderation should be kept separate from the game as much as possible. Also, there's way too many variables for SYSTEM to check it without adjusting money from wrong accounts.
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  3. Its just easier to just /report and let a staff member deal with that player. Sometimes someone can be having a bad day and maybe needs a wake up call instead of rupees being reduced from their account.
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  4. Yeah, I doubt this would help much. If there is a problem with cussing, the staff should be involved.
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  5. Also to a lot of people 1k isnt much. Also if they dont have 1k what do they do just keep swearing? Overall /report helps more
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  6. Lol, it would probably make alot more people swear... It would take me ALOT of swear words to run out of money.
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  7. If there was a piece of software that can detect a swear word, it should just block the message...
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  8. ... which we already do, it's the chat filter.
  9. Lol I didn't know that because I never swear :p
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  10. I see where you are coming from, but if you don't cuss and set a good example then maybe no one will cuss!
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  11. Well, first of; have you tried talking to the player involved and told 'm that you don't like them swearing?

    I'd really start there. Sometimes players may not even realize that what they're doing is annoying to others, so if you simply tell 'm about it (and of course in a polite way) then who knows...

    Others have said it already; if it gets out of hand then get staff involved.

    Problem here is indeed that this isn't something you can easily pin on players. In fact; it might even help escalate things even further. For example when players start swearing because their previous swearing got them an (automated) fine.

    Really best to keep those two separated in my opinion.
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  12. If they swear, it's filtered, so that's fine. If they get around the filter, then the offence is filter evasion, not swearing, which by definition isn't even detectable, making this impossible. :)
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  13. Umm, no. As stated above that is what /report is for.

    Also. What is and isn't allowed is subjective at times. Some swearing is permitted as we allow PG rated chat (yes, I said PG not PG-13) which would make such a fine/filter/system too complicated to make.