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  1. It's been a while and I haven't seen my friends on the empire. I check weekends, start conversations, and even follow them. I miss my friends so much and if you could give them a hello i would appreciate it.
    Here they are:
    All the others where banned or forgotten
    If there is a way to contact them i would need to know so i can tell them I'm back from the move and would like to venture once more
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  2. People in this empire come and go, most of the people I had in my first clan I've forgotten. But today there are people who won't leave you. I left once, and lemme tell you that it sucked gaming outside of the Empire. TF2 isn't all it's cracked up to be, Terraria doesn't get as social, and Spiral Knights is just plain gross.. Don't leave, you'll do you and your friends a favor. Sorry, don't remember any of these people..
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  3. I apologize, but I've never heard of any of these members.... :(
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  4. I left because I had to move from Hawaii to Washington but in the middle was a stay at New York.
    its fine
    Doesn't help. It didn't even end like that sadly
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  5. It would help a ton if I could even get an e-mail because they gave me some now missing parts of me like my fore sighting or my preparedness or even how to solve a problem I never could. Without them I can't do what I used too. Later ill try to see if I can get a photo of my res before it got demolished.
    Another thing is the Deathtomb storytime contest; I made a mistake of incorporating my friends in the story so when I edit I end up sobbing over my loss wishing i can see them once more.
    I can even remember some things I did with them. Like the time we failed to slay a supercharged creeper in a abandoned town. :(
    *sobs in pain wishing to see them again*
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  6. It is a legal thing. Mods/admins cant give player info without their consent. :(
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  7. All four of those players show up at several other places when I Google them, Gabeli. With a little detective work you might be able to reconnect on another forum if they are active there.
  8. I will but that means i have to find a forum where they said somthing about their disappearances or maybe he posts on another server forum.
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  9. I see Xaio34 and Chilaxton all the time. I'll say hi for you the next time I see them.
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  10. I live right next to all of those people.
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  11. You must have talked to them somewhere cause those two players haven't been on Emc for about 5-7 months.

    Anyways gab best way to find them is what Pab1os did and through google. Staff doesn't give out personal information
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  12. Sweet

    I did some research on DiggyMaster123 (or Diggy) and found he played on *****. I would show the server but I don't want to advertise. Time for more research.
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  13. If only I can get an e-mail :(
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  14. SUCCESS I found Chilaxton played the server he last played on as last week! I hope I can find him that way
    Edit: sadly I can't track MadRocker :(
    And it doesn't help when this guy plays that song on American idal
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  15. I don't actually remember the last time I actually saw them, so I should change "See them all the time" to "Saw them all the time".
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