Finding helpful players

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by honam1021, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Arrggghhhhh

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. But,guards are useless without miners.I need 4 more miners
  4. lol
  5. were will the shop be honam?
  6. As of late, my internet has been running rather slow during peak hours. The latency has gotten to the point that online gaming is nearly impossible. Because of this, I must retract what I posted previously (about being able to help whenever). I will still be available for late night/early morning shifts, and hopefully this issue will be resolved by early next month.
  7. Are u calling me USELESS!?
  8. Thanks everyone!I am going to assign some work for you.
    Miners:Try your best to mine anything you find (Iron,stone,gold,redstone etc.).I will pay you 80r if you get a full inv of items(PM me when you are done).
    Guards:Follow the miners,to protect them from mob.You get 50 r if no one has get killed my mobs.
    Shop assistant:When you get the items from miners,put them is the shop chests
  9. 80 rupees for a full inventory?

    But you could sell two stacks of stone (16 coal, 128 cobble, that's 3 inv slots) for 80r to Scarligmione...
  10. WHAT! 80R!

  11. I earn 5x of 80r a day
  12. I mean you get 80 r for every full inv of items
  13. RIP OFF
  14. wait i can just put 1 dirt in one slot to get 80R :p
  15. If this were the marketplace you would be seriously breaking the rules with this comment.

    If honam wants to run his business like this, you have no right to interfere. If you think he's not paying enough, you should start your own and run it your way.

    Nobody is forcing you to work for him.
  16. Can i haz freedom of speech?

    No hate, no hate
  17. Name:Terr
    Main server: smp1
    Which job are you interested in?: Shop Assistant
    How much time will you spend on helping me?: Anytime you need me.:)