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  1. I am looking for trusted,helpful players to help me with my res.I am providing the following jobs.

    5 Miners (Mine ores and blocks)
    1 Shop assistant
    2 Guards (Protect miners from mobs)

    If you want to get the job,give me the following details.

    Main server: (smp1/smp2/smp3/smp4/utopia)
    Which job are you interested in?:
    How much time will you spend on helping me?:
  2. Name: Ken(okam)
    Main server: SMP4
    Which job are you interested in?: Guard
    How much time will you spend on helping me?: As much as is needed.
  3. Beau1999
    Shop keeper or guard with ken
  4. And as much time as you need
  5. my name is queenmikky
    i play on SMP1
    i want to be shop assistant
    i will help when your online
    ;)meet you there
    ssssssssssss boom! and gone
  6. I need some Miners too
  7. Who has shop assistant?
  8. I'll go miner! I'm very. Good ! I'm a SMP1 so I've been here for ages!
  9. Dc626



    As much as i can :)
  10. Dude, why r u copying Importerers Achievement??? Make your own man...
  11. Ok, 1 I'm not a 'man' 2 I made it and 3 I can't be stuffed changing it....umadbro
  12. :D Chillout, i thought Imp made his own achievement =p And srry, ma'am, ill will not call you a Man anymore :D

  13. Haha, I was only a joke I was calm;)
  14. Nice to meet you! :D

  15. Nice to meet you aswell, lol our friendship started on a bad note !!hahah
  16. Do you guys like FREE diamonds?
  17. Yes, it did xD Come to Res 841 on SMP1 if you wanna see my home. Or 5003 on Utopia if u wanna see my hotel! :D
  18. On wich server would the shop be?



    shop assistant

    as much as i can
  19. Mantle251



    As much as i can
  20. TESTING......

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