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  1. Hello Volks!

    How can I find an user to ask if I can take something from a chest?
    Here in Forum I think it's not possible. Can I do it while playing the game?


    so if you know his/her name:

    unless, of course, he/she isn't registered on the forums


    in game, do /res info to find their name (while standing on the residence)

    then do /p <name> to look up information on the person / see if they're online and on what server

    then just do /tell <name> <message> to ask him/her a private message
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  3. Do you mean in Town or in the Frontier/Wild/Wastelands?

    And do you know the name of the user?
  4. In the Frontier.
    I've just done what he said above. Thanks!
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