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  1. Try to find the one thing wrong in this picture (besides the profile picture and the fact that I am obviously NOT JustinGuy.... also please don't state the obvious)
    Good luck! :)
    Iam Real.png
  2. Yeah, your name is definitely JustinGuy...

    Did i find it?
  3. you are JustinGuy and have 1 billion rupees
    also i use the same theme :)
  4. the fact that you have an internet explorer shortcut.. Pretty sure I found the problem.
  5. That, and he is JustinGuy and has 1,000,000 rupees.
  6. The "Do Not Update" post is by nfell2009.
  7. He could have 1000k Rupees...
  8. Youre using windows 7 basic.
  9. hahaha - if only ... you could have gave yourself all the money ;)
  10. There is nothing next to the monthly TEXP.
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  11. thats actual look at the front page
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  12. You have chrome and you don't use AdBlocker.
  13. actually front page says 4:16 ... this one says 1:16
  14. *Cough* Timezones *Cough*
  15. Timezones. Ever heard of them?
  16. Oh. I thought Justin made that post.
  17. He did, nfell's is just a direct copy and paste.
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  18. You're the only one who got it right. :) Good job
  19. Thank you Captain Obvious. And no that's not the right answer.
  20. That's an opinion, not something I left out in the picture. But yes, I do have an IE shortcut. Shoot me.