Find The Code - Win 50K

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  1. I've created an audio track with a message hidden somewhere inside of it. The first person to find that message will get 50k! This is no easy "listen to it backwards" puzzle. This is an actual hidden message that will NOT be found while listening to the track.

    Tip: Don't upload the file to third-party services, as they might compress it and corrupt the hidden data.
    Also, if nobody solves it, I will give out hints after some time.

    Good luck!
    There is also another secret message hidden in the body of this post. The first person to find that one will be rewarded with 10k!

    Download - 432KB
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  3. Well, that was fun!
  4. Holy... can we get one of these messages in the OP


    Wow that was loud lol.
  5. It's not over!
    Keliris solved the minor, secondary puzzle.
    But the main prize for decoding the audio file (50k) remains!
    EDIT: Actually, Keliris solved that one too xD

    Will do!
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  6. Can I get a clue on how I would even go about finding this code. I just hear a funny noise and have no idea where to start.
  7. Oh snap.
  8. Found it but don't want the prize. Good luck :D
    edit: attacked by a ninja
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  9. Incredible speed! This was encoded in the spectrogram data of the wav file.
    I've sent your reward of 50k.
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  10. Well, that was slightly less fun.
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  11. Dangit. If only I didnt have something to do in-game I woulc of had it.