Find Freddy the Cactus!

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  1. Just a little mini event I made to get people some money. How it works: You find a cactus that looks like this: 2013-04-02_18.41.24.png
    I will know it if you made one of these and say it was one of them from a few different reasons.

    I placed 6 of these around EMC and if you find one, I will give you 200r. Everyone can only find one cactus and prove they found it by taking a picture and posting it on the site, then saying what res number you found it at. If it was one of the ones I placed, I will give you the 200r. I have placed 6 of them around.
  2. hints about the resses?
  3. A vague hint: They're all on reses of people I'm friends with. That will make it obvious to most people.
  4. I found one- not sure which server or res, but it is right above qwerty189's post.
  5. I don't know your friends...
  6. So, what res is it on?
  7. Your res,
  8. Another hint:
  9. So that one was a little obvious.
  10. Well for you isn't it just like getting another daily bonus?
  11. 2/7th of one, but so?
  12. Found one. res 2134.
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  13. So far only 2 of 6 Freddys have been found.
  14. Freddy the VI Cactus of 630!
  15. The Freddy the Cactus joke started out on the Shot Bow network when I found a cactus in a chest. I said it looked like a Freddy and started carrying him around. I then went on a different factions server and built a Freddy where ever we went and said Freddy was just getting there before we were. So, I built a Freddy on EMC and decided to start building him on my friends' residences. I thought, that people would notice that Freddy was on several different residences so I turned it into a scavenger hunt.

  16. Freddie the IV. /v 1325