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  1. Hey all, after all this time passing I finally have gotten a PC version of Minecraft officially.
    I'm no Minecraft pro by any means though even though I put my share of hours into the Xbox version.
    At any rate, I came from some of you guys from there may know me.
    So yeah just announcing my new membership here :3, can't wait to start digging.
  2. Minecraft! :D
  3. Welcome to the Empire and to te best version of Minecraft. :D
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D

    [insert plug for guide here]
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome :D
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  6. Hi. You made many lava walls on the Xbox version of Minecraft? Well, you can say goodbye to that while you're here ;)
  7. I would be careful from that 72Volt guy, he will lava wall your res, the whole town, the wild, the nether, the end, players in boxs. Forgetting that in town there is no damage so just walking through them would do nothing!
  8. Lol thats whats up, as long as it doesn't mess up my main projects O-o.
    I'm having a tough time finding resources enough as it is xD.
    I'm planing to build the Nice Land Pent House building from Wreck it Ralph.
    Keeping it turbo-tastic, how I do.
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