Finally, Daguman has got his Voter gear! Booyakasha!!!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Daguman, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. I finally got all my Voter's gear! :D Oh yeah! I'm in the Butter Zone now babe!

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  2. *Whispers* Do you think I should tell him about the Thank You certificate? :p

    EDIT: Yeah, okay, let's tell him. There's still one more thing that you get at a streak of 100. :p
  3. Streak 100 you say! Man, that's so far away! :( Do I even have the will to go that far?
  4. If you want your collection to be complete you do. XD
  5. Wow! Really nice work buddy, just wait for your 100th day reward :)
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  6. I was only really after the gear, but I guess I'll try for it. :D Thanks guys for the info and the support! We're all in the Butter Zone now babe! Soon then, You will smell what the Dagu is Cooking!!!
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  7. I am still a bit bothered by your signature.

    Congrats though!
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  8. which part of it
  9. Mainly the "Your"
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  10. *sees it*
    *comes back as zambee*
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  11. It's basically saying that your actions and how you carry yourself is smooth! Smooth like butter! And the Zone is the current safe area around you. Instead of you being boring, dull and sour like a Lemon! Be a Rosebud! Yo! My first name is not "Dude"! It's Dagu, Daguman if you’re nasty!
  12. Nice! I get my certificate in 2 days.
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  13. im not sure if you got it
    is not "you're"
  14. Great job! A quick tip for you:
    If you fill a cauldron with water, then right-click your armor on it, it will become discolored. You can then craft the armor with any dye to get colored voter's armor. I personally dyed mine black.
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  15. Congrats Daguman!
    Wow! I didn't know about the certificate. Only 20 more days!
  16. If you have to always correct someone’s way of speech and literature, then that means you’re too old or just old! :p Sometimes it means that you’re trying to prove something to someone. Maybe you’re even a lemon! Not a Rosebud?
  17. you callin me old m8
  18. If you don't understand my signature then don't try to understand it! Only Rosebuds can understand its meaning.
  19. Sorry for the off-topic post, but I don't think it deserved its own thread. I have a question.

    Do you get unlimited sets of armor, or just one?

    Also, nice job.
  20. Just one
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