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  1. This is a story I will be writing every single day until Christmas Day. Every day, I will reveal a part of the story, so be sure to check back on this thread. There will also be additional pictures for main events that happen during the story. I hope you enjoy! ;)
    EDIT: Please don't be rude as say there is a billion mistakes. Every writer will have grammar mistakes. If the mistakes are SO annoying, please pm me, instead of replying to this thread. Thanks.
    Part I: The Retreat
    He had to run away. Taking Sarah with him, they ran into the woods. He was panting, very tired and hungry. He kept running, the terror on their faces showed so much emotions. However, his pain in his right leg made him trip, falling on the ground. "Cmon, get up. They might catch us soon. We don't want to run into any monsters either." Sarah explained, in a worried tone. Suddenly, an arrow zoomed past Sarah and nearly hit her head, but instead hit the leaves of a tree. They turned around, realizing that they were cornered by some mobs. They didn't have weapons, they had to abandon their homes. He drew out his iron shovel, protecting Sarah from the mobs. He explained to her,"Lets go up on that hill. We will have higher ground, we could push them off with our water buckets." Sarah nodded and they ran up the hill, zombies walking behind them. Arrows were flying everywhere as they ran up the hill. However, the hill turned into a cliff as they walked toward the edge. "Creeper!" Sarah yelled, but the explosion was too big. He and Sarah were flown backwards, knocking the water buckets out of their hands. "What do we do, Dylan?!" "Jump into the lake!" But, as they were falling down, he heard a loud screaming noise as he hit the water...

    PART II: The Past

    As Dylan was falling, he tried to remember how he got into the woods. Suddenly, the flashback occurred. A few hours ago, Blockington had their annual Christmas festival. Everyone in the town helped decorate the Christmas tree, putting the star, ornaments, and presents underneath the tree. After they were done, it looked magnificent. However, the Foxy Lord came down from the rooftops and stormed the tree. Using his staff, he hammered the ground as he shot fear with his facial expressions. He murmured something under his mouth, and zombies rose from the city streets, immune to the sunlight that was shining above the town.

    Everyone panicked, people ran into their homes, some were brave enough, but most of the townspeople were eaten, one by one. Dylan remembered that horrible moment, but his vision went black...
    PART III: Getting Help

    He forgot that he was still falling and landed his body in the sandy water. Dylan took in some of the water and coughed it up, while looking for Sarah.
    "What was that screaming? Did you get hurt?"
    "Oh, Dylan, I was afraid of heights. I didn't think we were going to jump off that cliff. So, what do we do now?"
    "I know someone that can help us in this situation. We need to get moving, it is still night you know. We don't want more mobs. Sarah, I completely forgot I had torches, let me just light em."
    "Come on, lets go!"
    Dylan and Sarah walked swiftly throughout the woods. He felt like someone was walking behind them, but he had a secret. He was scared of the dark. The two survivors reached an open area surrounded by trees, with a house in the center. The house looked abandoned, which had cobwebs around it and no light from the inside. Dylan's torch gave a good view of the house, it was two floors, made of wood and some stone bricks. The fencing was broken down, grass looked like it was growing inside the house.

    The two nodded and they went in. They searched most of the rooms on the first floor until a loud groan came from upstairs. Dylan went first, following the sound. He reached for the door and opened it. He was shocked.
    "Brian?! You are still here?"
    Brian responded in a sick tone, "I am withering."

    PART IV: The Split For the Sick

    "Dylan! Good to see you. I survived the attack, days ago."
    "I thought you were dead brother! Why is your house so old?" Dylan asked.
    "I am very sick, I can't even walk around my house."
    "Then drink milk!"
    "I can't, I have this curse that cures won't work except for these books."
    "What books? How will books help us? We are running away from the Foxy Lord! We are so tired."

    Brian shakes his head, realizing his brother's immature-ness.
    "I found them in a dungeon, many years ago. The only cure that can help me combines a regeneration potion, XP bottles, a skull head, and a nether star. There are special locations with coords to find those items in those books."
    "Those items are so hard to get! Why do you have this sickness?"
    " I will explain later, will you help me? Dylan, we need to celebrate Christmas together, we haven't done so in years."
    Dylan nods and takes Sarah out the room.
    Dylan, in a very sad tone, asks, " Will you help me Sarah?"
    "Thanks for saving me in Blockington. I owe you one, here it is."
    "If we split up, we could get those items faster. And save Brian's life."
    She agrees and they tell Brian their plan. They set out looking for the items, going in the opposite directions of each other. Both have no idea what is coming.

    As the survivors separated, leaving Brian at the house, will they have the courage to adventure on their own? Will Brian be safe from the Foxy Lord? Can our heroes survive and celebrate Christmas? When all seems to be going well, two more problems just began...


    Part V: Dylan's Journey to Oldfield

    It was sunrise. A few hours since Sarah and Dylan separated, Dylan kept walking toward the town in the book. He wondered if the book would even help him, but he kept walking. He was very tired, wanting to go to sleep. Finally, he found the town, Oldfield. The town was very old, it was surrounded with a castle in the middle, with the local's houses surround it, protected by a cobblestone wall, 3 blocks high. Dylan waited until no one was watching, and climbed over the wall, using spare blocks. In the distance, he saw the king, who was giving a speech at the balcony of his castle. Everyone was looking up. Dylan looked up and was shocked to see what the king had around his neck. At the bottom of his necklace, the nether star, the item that Dylan needed to cure Brian. The King announced that he would take a short nap and attend to the town later. Everyone separated, while Dylan snuck into the castle, making a plan of the steal. He decided to climb up the walls, since the chimney led straight into the king's bedroom. Dylan was sure of this because the king had exited through that balcony. He eventually reached the top, and spider climbed down the chimney, trying not to make any noise. He set foot on the ground, but the king was awake staring at him. He thought he was just hallucinating, but the three guards were right next to him, one holding the nether star.
    Dylan couldn't escape, he surrendered.

    "See, I told you guards, the outsider of another town was here to steal my nether star." the king explained. "Lock him up and question him." The guards did what the king had told them, dragging Dylan using a lead, went out of the castle...

    PART VI: Sarah's Trip to The Brewery

    She was still cold. That night was very cold, Sarah couldn't keep walking alone. She was happy getting to get the easy items, but the fear of monsters kept haunting her. The sun came up, marking the second day without sleep. She wandered into a desert, gathering twigs and stones on the way for a defensive ability. She spotted a sandstone temple building down below the sandy mountain. The building looked flooded with sand, and the doors were completely shut. She broke the door down with her fist. It looked like a grand hall with old carpets and tinted windows, with a small building at the end. Creepy noises came down that hallway, echoing into her ears. She opened the doors to the next room, seeing a bunch of potions lying on the floor.
    "WHO ARE YOU?!" the sound said.
    "I am Sarah, a local from Blockington, I just want to get a potion. Where are you?"
    "Oh oops." The sorcerer revealed himself, using milk.
    "What would you like to buy from the Mad Sorcerer today, missie?"

    "I need a very strong regeneration potion." Sarah responded, nervously.
    "I only have one of those left, that will be 20 diamonds."
    "20 diamonds???"
    "You see, these potions are very hard to make."
    "Can I just get it for free?"
    "If you will, you will NEVER come back here again. You are very annoying."
    The sorcerer handed Sarah the potion and slammed the door behind her. The weird sounds continued and Sarah ran out of the hall. The next item she needed was a skeleton head. Skeletons spawned everywhere so it was easy to grab one. However, as she was pulling one off, a creeper blew up next to her, throwing the potion behind her, landing on another skeleton. She didn't realize too much until she remembered the sorcerer said:
    If you will, you will NEVER come back here again.
    She gulped and instantly became worried. How was she going to get another potion? The skeleton that got splashed mutated into a human.

    She screamed, as the human skeleton woke up and said,"Hello, my name is William..."
  2. Part VII: Dylan's Escape from Prison
    He was in pain. After the guards whipped him, Dylan was kicked into the only prison cell. The cell had iron bars around it with an iron door blocked by a guard on the outside. The floors were made of dirt, which made a perfect escape. He dug through the ground and tunneled underneath the prison. He went back to the surface, but ran into another guard. Before the guard could say anything, Dylan punched him in the face, grabbing his diamond sword. He ran out of the city walls and spotted the king harvesting his crops on his farms. The king saw him coming at him, he drew his iron sword. Dylan kicked the king so hard in the chest, he was blown backwards, throwing the nether star out of his pockets. The king immediately grabbed the star, fighting Dylan with his iron sword.
    Dylan managed to stab the king in the chest. He fell in pain, and eventually died. Dylan gained some XP, which would be important later, if Sarah did her job. Dylan picked up the two swords and the star, running away from the scene with the guards behind him. The ground rumbled, making Dylan fall off a small hill, hurting his right thigh. He ran and looked back, as the tiny houses outside the city were burned by a walking dragon.
    He didn't want to stay long, and started running back to Brian's house.

    Part VIII: The Solution
    Sarah was calm now, after William introduced him to her. She needed another regeneration potion, but she didn't want to scare Dylan. She knew it wouldn't work, but she filled the bottle with water, and used color dye to make the potion pink. She sighed and went back to William. "Do you know where we are?" "We are in a desert."
    Sarah slapped his face, "Of course we are, but how do we get back to Brian's-"
    She never finished her sentence. The ground started shaking, radiating from 5000 blocks away. The sand started sinking towards the river, trees started falling, it felt like the world was turning upside down. She was too scared. Sarah grabbed William and the two ran out of the desert into a plains biome. They ran into a cave, where they would take cover for some time. "William, can you guard me from mobs? I haven't got any sleep for the past 2 days."
    He nodded and Sarah noticed his sword radiating green as he fought a zombie.
    She fell asleep. She saw the Foxy Lord, killing Dylan, Brian, William, and everyone she knew. She became frightened, as the Foxy Lord, began walking towards her. She tried to run away, but her legs were stuck together. She screamed as the Foxy Lord lifted up his sword. She awoke. She was still in the cave, and William right next to her.
    "Are you all right? Why did you scream?"
    "William, it was just a dream. How long did I sleep for?"
    "2 hours, the sun is setting."
    "We need to move now, Dylan is expecting me by nightfall."
    The two ran out of the cave, in the direction of the house.

    Part IX: The Potion
    After Sarah introduced William to everyone at the house, they were ready to make the potion. Sarah pulled out the stolen bottle from the sorcerer, filling it with the combined xp gained from everyone. They had all of the ingredients: the xp bottle, skull head, nether star, and the regeneration potion(secretly fake). Brian pulled out a cauldron. Dylan poured everything in it, stirring the liquid with a shovel. He poured it in a small vial, that was kept in his pocket. He gave it to Brian, as he swirled the liquid inside. Sarah was quiet and sat in the back of the dark room, putting her head in her arms, not saying a word. Brian drank the potion and gave Dylan a gift.
    "Merry Christmas, Dylan. You are a great brother. Thanks for getting the cure."
    "Do you feel better?" Dylan asked.
    "I don't know, I feel cold and hungry still. I-" Brian starts coughing, hardly breathing anymore.
    "What is happening?"
    Brian replies in a weak tone, "I love you-" Brian bowed his head and died.
    William started feeling his pulse. He felt nothing, but the silence of the room.
    "Dylan, I needed to tell you something." Sarah began explaining.
    "On my journey, a creeper blew up the potion which instead cured William, but I couldn't get another one. I filled it up with water and pink dye, hoping that you wouldn't worry too much. I am so sorry."
    "WHat??! This is all your fault! If you were more careful, then Brian would be alive. You are a noob at everything!"
    Sarah wanted to cry and yell back. Instead, she walked out of the room slamming the door behind her.
    William looked at Dylan, shaking his head, and followed Sarah out of the room. When Dylan was alone, he started sobbing, wanting to take back everything he said.

    Will the gang get back together again? Can the spirit of Christmas unite them together again? Can the Foxy Lord and the evil dragon be defeated? There was only two more days left to save Christmas for our heroes, as the ground shook around the house...

    Part X: The Advice
    Dylan ran back outside, looking for Sarah and William. William came running out of the trees.
    "Sarah ran away. I don't know where she went." William said.
    "We can't look for her now. Its night, and that dragon is near the house. I can feel the ground shaking. Follow me, I know two people that could help us."
    "Two of the Foxy Lord's Mutants."
    Before William could protest, Dylan told the legend as they walked through the forest.

    Legend tells of 3 brothers. Crystaline, CreeperHead, and the Foxy Lord. The three of them looked so ugly, they ran into hiding, away from the insults people called them. They met up with each other in the woods. They had a great time together, laughing and playing games. One day, when the Foxy Lord was old enough, he wanted revenge over everyone that made fun of him. The 2 brothers couldn't stop him, they got frozen for a whole year. It said that Crystaline and CreeperHead knew how to predict the future, knowing that Foxy Lord would kill everyone. A few years back, the population of this world was reduced to half. People were scared of death, and wanted to kill Foxy Lord. Legend says they did, until I saw him a few nights ago...

    William and Dylan arrived at the brothers' cave. It was small place, hidden in a roofed forest. Dylan couldn't see who was in the cave, it was too dark. The brothers jumped out of their hiding places, holding their swords up to Dylan and William's necks.
    Crystaline yelled, "what do you want!"
    "We need your advice on defeating multiple monsters."
    "Business. Come in, CreeperHead, let him in."
    They went inside the cave and their eyes popped out. Dylan couldn't believe his eyes. An ender crystal was bouncing on the small pedestal next to the brothers. Crystaline took out his staff, mumbling a spell, making the crystal glow purple. It released a small paper on the side of it.
    "Thanks." Dylan took the small paper, becoming unstable.
    The dragon appeared in the forest.
    CreeperHead said, "You two, get out of here! We will defend our cave."
    Dylan and William started running. He looked back to see Crystaline swallowed by the dragon. CreeperHead tried to fight, but got killed by the flames of the dragon. However, the dragon noticed the glow and punched the crystal. He grew twice as big, stomping on the trees around him.
    "Noooooooooo!" Dylan yelled in anger. William pulled him away, as they ran towards Blockington. Dylan read the note. The only word it said: JOY
  3. Part XI: Spreading Joy
    Dylan knew what that meant. He remembered the legend.
    looked so ugly... insults... Foxy Lord wanted revenge...
    He took out the present Brian gave him, running towards Blockington with William. He stopped. Something wasn't right. The town was completely dark except for a few torches, giving light to the streets. The two of them quietly walked towards the Christmas tree, where the Foxy Lord was.
    "Who is there?" The Foxy Lord yelled. "I will kill you now if you don't reveal yourself! I have your girlfriend as a hostage!"
    Dylan was shocked. Sarah got captured. He had to think of something fast.
    "It is me, Dylan, unarmed and willing to give you something."
    Foxy Lord's eyes swiveled up and started shaking from the inside.
    "A present for me?"
    "You need the Christmas joy of giving to others," Dylan responded, handing him a gift.
    William didn't trust him, blocking his sword near Dylan.
    "This is the greatest thing anyone gave me. Thank You. You can have your girl back." The Foxy Lord started sobbing, as the ground began rumbling again.
    "I am so sorry Sarah, I didn't mean what I said back in the house."
    "Lets worry about the dragon more than that right now!"
    The Dragon stomped on the buildings as the three of them ran. Dylan grabbed Foxy Lord's hand, as Foxy Lord explained, "We need to go back to my secret lab! It has a gem that will help us defeat the dragon!"
    The Foxy Lord started talking to William, like he already knew him. Suddenly, Dylan realized. William has a glowing green sword. Foxy Lord has a glowing green staff. William works for the Foxy Lord...

    Part XII: Life Again
    The four of them ran as fast as they could. The dragon was behind them, breathing his flame-like breath down upon them. The Foxy Lord summoned two horses, which the four of them rode on. After a few hours, they came to the Foxy Lord's lab. It looked gigantic, and very old, but the dragon was a few thousand blocks away. The sun was about to set. Dylan realized, today was Christmas Eve. Tonight they had to save Christmas.
    "Foxy Lord, what do we do? Can we help?" Dylan asked
    He saw Sarah lay down on a chair and began snoring.
    "Find me the Life Book! We need it for help."
    Dylan grabbed it off the bookshelf, and in sync, William and the Foxy Lord read the spell.
    In that instant, everyone who died came back to life. Brian, the King, the Guards, everyone was there. They prepared for battle, as the dragon stomped his way there.

    Part XIII: The Final Battle
    Everyone was running around, worried about the upcoming battle. It was late in the night, everyone received weapons to help fight the dragon. William and Foxy Lord summoned more creatures to help them fight, CreeperHead created a huge block of TNT, and Crystaline summoned ender crystal balls. The Foxy Lord made a giant spider mount and the sorcerer made himself 4x bigger.
    The ground shook underneath them. Everyone ran outside, facing the dragon, looking with his glowing purple eyes.

    Dylan suddenly yelled, "Charge! For Christmas!"
    Everyone ran as fast as they could. The CreeperHead launched his mega tnt, hitting the dragon in the wings. The Dragon crumpled in pain, but didn't die. He stomped the ground, creating a crack in the ground, seperating Dylan and the Foxy Lord from his friends. The civilians kept shooting with their bows, but it was not doing that much damage. The Foxy Lord's spider leap over the huge crack, and landed in the water. The spider climbed up the dragon's tail, continuing to the dragon's head. The spider punched the dragon's eyes, making him blind. The dragon couldn't see, but he sensed Foxy Lord's presence. He flipped over, squashing the Foxy Lord and his mount.
    "Nooooo!" Dylan screamed.
    Crystaline launched his ender ball, landing on the dragon's back. It exploded, destroying some of the mountains with it. The dragon exploded, releasing a person inside. It was Santa. His fluffy white beard was burnt, his clothes were ripped, and he looked ugly. The dragon's parts landed all around Santa, but they didn't have enough time to examine the area. Sarah grabbed Santa's hand, as the dragon's parts, were turning bright red, ready to explode. Everyone ran out of the mountain area, past the Foxy Lord's lab, and into a nearby forest. Everything exploded behind them. Dylan was worried, he hoped everyone was with him. It was midnight. Everyone camped in Blockington. Dylan was so tired, he tried to keep walking. He fell on his face. Everything was black.

    Part XIV:Christmas Day
    Dylan woke up. He was in his own apartment, sleeping in his bed. He thought to himself, "Was that a dream?" He noticed Sarah and Brian standing next to him, so he wiped the thought from his brain.
    "Morning Dylan, its Christmas Day. Come on, we are going to the festival in the town square." Brian told him.
    The three of them walked to the plaza, where they met William and Foxy Lord. Santa was there. He was wearing a green coat, dumping presents under the grand tree. Dylan was impatient, running to receive his present.

    The santa nodded, disappearing into the shadows of the buildings. The Foxy Lord started sneaking away quietly, away from the tree. No one noticed, everyone was opening their presents. Dylan followed the Foxy Lord back to his cave. Foxy Lord was back with Crystaline and CreeperHead. Dylan only heard a few words.
    "I don't want to cause panic, Crystaline."
    "I am worried, this could cause problems"
    "What do we do?"
    Dylan peeked around the stone, sighting an ender dragon egg, about to hatch...

    Even though our heroes saved Christmas, a problem still remained. What was going to happen to that egg? When a story ends, a new adventure begins...
  4. NOTE: If you haven't seen your skin yet, it will be coming soon. :) Make sure to double-check all the pictures too.
    Skins Revealed:
    nfell2009's skin- Sarah
    ArkWarrior1's skin- Dylan
    FoxyRavenger's skin-Foxy Lord
    Side Characters:
    Bat_King35787's skin-Guy bravely fighting with a bow (II)
    cj12115's skin-Diamond pig running away (II)
    ReptilianCat's skin-gumball machine hiding behind the stairs (II)
    xHaro_der's skin-Brian (IV, IX)
    deathconn's skin- panda, guard holding sword (V)
    Trapper777's skin- guard holding bow (V)
    fBuilderS' skin- guard holding nether star and lead (V)
    DrMadFate's skin- Mad Sorcerer (VI)
    Rhythmicaly's skin- Crystaline (X)
    nuclearbobomb's skin- CreeperHead (X)

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