Filming Of Enraged Zombies / Nether Hounds (11/27/13)

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  1. Hey guys!

    Going to be filming some background footage for Enraged Zombies and Nether Hounds videos. It will be on Wednesday the 27th at 4PM Central Time on SMP4. Just giving you a heads up if you want to be around for it.

    Basically, just need you to expect that you might die a lot but you might also get a lot of good stuff. I'll be spawning tons of whichever mob we're doing at the time and watching/recording you all fight them.

    For those not familiar with what I'm doing, here are the first two videos in the series so far:

    Disclaimer: Since this happened in the past and people got a tad upset. If something is going wrong with Mojang/Minecraft logins, to where getting on is troublesome, I may move this to another day or time.
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  2. Hope to be there. :)
  3. Sounds FunTastic
  4. I'll try my best to be there.
  5. I will be there and expect my melons too.
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  6. Would we be allowed to Egg da remaining nether hounds for the video? Like as another feature you can do if your lucky to catch one?
  7. Sounds like fun!
  8. cool I'll try to be there :)
  9. I shall try my best :D
  10. ICC spawns tons of nether hounds and prepares to fight
    Nether Hounds sit there looking up with adorable red eyes.
    Everyone watching:
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  11. Don't believe they are eggable anymore. I just am comin' for da steaks. :p McNetherhounds, here I come!
  12. Wish it was a bit later...I get back from school at like 4:10 lol :(
  13. I should hope to be there is my CST to GMT time conversions are correct :D
  14. I think I might actually have a chance to be there! Looking forward to it! :)
    Can anyone convert the time into EST? Or the time difference?
  15. I'm a bring a inv full of em :p then throw them at the my minions
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  16. Home server plus already in my timezone, what more do I need to know this is meant for me to be there...
  17. I think it will be about 10pm GMT so that might make it easier to work out
  18. I'll do my best to be there, even set an alarm on my phone!
  19. Aren't netherhounds still broken? Or is that only natural spawns?