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  1. Hi guys,

    I've been trying to upload some of my screenshots to the forum and I keep getting the message that the files are too large. Is there some way to increase the file size forum uploads? These aren't huge files, just MC screenshots.

    If not, is there some way I can make MC save my screenshots as .jpg instead of .png?

    I know I can use a photo editor to convert them and decrease the size but that's a real pain.

  2. are you trying to post a photo to the comments like this?

  3. try going to and upload them there, and then you can click the little picture icon with a tree beside the filmd strip and paste the photos url that imgur will give you when the photos are done. that should help, doesn't matter how big the files are to do that.
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  4. Ok, thanks.
  5. We could better not upgrade the file size, because it actually takes quite some money (I think) to keep this forum in the air.
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  6. its so low because you can easily upload them in better ways, there is also an easier way to "downsize" the file size of the photo on your computer too before you upload.. but imgur works a TON better. :) plus, like 607, this website is power heavy lol
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  7. I'll just convert them to .jpg.

    Some of my screenshots post fine. If I take an inventory shot for an auction it posts fine. I had a problem when I tried to post shots of my base though.

    It's just really convenient to be able to hit the "upload file" button and upload pics from your MC screenshot folder.