fighting marlix and momentus

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  1. hey all, i have a question. what are some of the best strategies for fighting marlix or momentus.
  2. Use weapons and wear armor.

    Here is my 3 step system to defeating those:
    1. Spot the enemy
    2. Start going in for a sword kill
    3. Realize I am going to die and run back to the safe town.
  3. Stay away from Momentous. Shoot him with an infinity bow. If you can, get him in water. He has a slowness effect, so he barely moves in water.

    When fighting Marlix, get about 15 blocks away and block yourself in. Drop a bucket of water in a hole. Pound her with a bow and kill the minions with a smite sword.

    An infinity bow with unbreaking 3 is almost necessary. It takes about 5 stacks of arrows to kill either.
  4. set spawn nearby, shoot both with bow. simple
  5. Most of what you said is correct, however when you use a bow, you are always looking at him, so you will be drawn in... :p
  6. Just don't HAVE to kill momentus with a now. I've killed probably half a dozen, solo with a sword.
  7. thats not how drawing in works he has to look at you and be within 35 blocks
    do that naked
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  8. better question would be... how do you FIND a momentus or marlix because i've been wandering around the wild for days trying to find one and so far havent
  9. Ayeee

    Basically it's just weird spawn rates sometimes...our outpost had 4 momentus's and 3 marlix's spawn within two days.
  10. be on a less populated server, be in wastelands (they spawn more commonly there ive found), be in grasslands/desert, move alot in said biome jumping seems to help (i think because it resets the block you land on)
  11. *sees biteme jumping around a desert on SMP8*
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  12. It's a 35 block radius. Not if you're looking at him.
  13. well "36" but he cant see you on the 36th one so you are mostly safe