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  1. Hey guys! I decided to make this thread to show off some of the photos I have taken, I hope you like them and feel free to give me tips, constructive criticism or simply tell me positive things that I have done with my photos!

    I used to use my iPhone 5's camera to take photos, which was not ideal but it did the job. I sometimes used a fish eye lens with the camera to enhance some of my shots or get more into the picture. I currently use a Nikon D3200 to take photos, though some of the pictures you see here will still be from my iPhone. To edit my photos, I usually use something simple such as imgur, though some of my earlier edits were done on Pics Art (Apple Store) and the standard Apple Image Editor.

    One of my keen interests is in cars (especially the Audi quattro), so you may see a fair few of those filling up this thread.

    Important: *I own all of the images posted here under my name and you may not use them without my permission*

    So, all in all; I share my photos here (I usually watermark them), you can give me positive comments and constructive criticism, you can make suggestions and generally talk about any of my photography and let us get on to the photos!

    Audi Coupe quattro:
    Notes: Spotted in Yorkshire, England. First Audi Quattro my eyes had ever met. My favourite car. Taken with iPhone 5, edited using imgur.

    Audi Coupe quattro:
    Notes: Spotted at Forge (Castle Combe Racing Track). Third Audi quattro I saw. Captured with iPhone 5, edited using imgur.

    Enjoy! :)
  2. Nice pictures Fendy!
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  3. Thanks tedrocker! :D
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  4. Lovely photos, Fendy. :) I especially like the first one because of its "glow," if you know what I mean. It looks very professional.

    I like that font you used in the beginning, by the way. Very classy.
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  5. I know what you mean, thanks Hashy Boo!
    Hey, I know right! :rolleyes:
  6. Looks great! :)
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  7. Thanks Sam! :D
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  8. Very nice! Love that car too! ;)
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  9. Thanks Gadget! By far my favourite car, perhaps one day I can own one too! I can only dream, right? :p
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  10. Nothing wrong with dreaming ;) Hopefully your dream will come true. :)
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  11. I sure hope so! Thanks :)
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  12. Eh, I'm not much of a car person. :p Looks great, though!
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  13. Nothing is everyone's cup of tea, but that's alright! ;) Thanks Calamochnus! (Wow, your name is a mouthful...)
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  14. posted at 4:20 gg
    nice pics tho. audis are awesome, my dad owns an a4 and an a8L (the a4 is actually going to be my car : D) the one thing i have to say is to maybe make the watermark not right on the car. in the top picture you didn't have much of a choice but on the bottom one it would look better to be in the right bottom corner or something.
  15. Yes, it is. To prevent myself from tripping over my own name, I pronounce the ch as a k sound. :p
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  16. Well, 9:20PM where I live but it is pretty on the dot I suppose :p

    I agree, Audis are really cool! I much prefer the old ones though, Ur Quattro and GT, Audi 50, Audi 80 (the old box-type ones) and all of those, they just really have something about them!

    As for the watermark, I understand what you say and it has been mentioned before, but unfortunately due to the risk of people stealing my photos, I put the watermark in a place where it cannot be cropped out by someone else because then they could just crop it and steal the photos anyways... I'll think about it more in the future and thanks for the suggestion, but for now I just think it is the safer way to upload my photos :)
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  17. IMO you might want to remove the watermark it's kind of annoying when it blocks the picture
  18. Please read this from the comment above and you'll understand why the watermark is there. :)

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  19. Maybe a less noticeable spot... Wheel area would be better than right in the middle. Or have it set behind the picture itself so you can see the text but when it hits the car area it fades out
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  20. understood. i agree tho. i dont prefer newer audis but the a8 is just amazing and i love how simple the a4 is.
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