Fellow members, will you support me?

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  1. Making a youtube gaming channel! I hope you guys will support me and subscribe!? My youtube is www.youtube.com/ckakaris89

    The video that you posted does not comply with the guidelines.
  2. Welcome to EMC :)
  3. Great to see that you're starting a gaming channel.
    However, the video that you posted does not comply with the guidelines that we have for videos.
    Please take a look at this post for the rules for videos: [Guidelines for SYLP Posts]
    Also moving this thread to 'Share your let's plays and other videos'.
  4. I don't think they were posting to get the Youtuber rank, correct me if im wrong.

    I think they were just posting a "Share your Let's Plays" type of video. Like if someone Played Left 4 Dead 2 for example. They could make a video and it would be fine. I don't think their video should have been removed. Maybe just a note/pm saying that it isn't what EMC is looking for for Youtuber rank.

    But now when people click on this thread, it wont make sense. And they can get confused.

    EDIT: I was watching with sound off. So I didn't hear anything.
  5. The video was full of advertisements of another Minecraft server, which is not allowed.
    Therefor I edited the video out, so nobody gets confused. :)

    Ckakaris89 is welcome to make videos/share them, as long as they comply with the guidelines.
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  6. ah, in that case I understand why you would remove the video :)

    like i said, i had sound off so i wouldn't know if it was advertising lol
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  7. Just wondering, whats the font called that you used for your channel art?