Feeling Hungry? Not Anymore...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by RainbowChin, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. I just lost my hunger.. lol that's disgusting
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  2. Dat canned chicken bleh
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  3. thats hilarious
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  4. I just saw this on imgur before coming here... still creeps me out.
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  5. yep definitely NOT hungry anymore! ewwww
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  6. I saw it, still hungry, eating goldfish now.
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  7. Emergerd
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  8. I'd still eat that dancing squid. Looks delicious!
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  9. is it just me, or does the canned brown bread not look bad?
  10. Imagine all the preservatives in it though. :p
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  11. yeah
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  12. C'Mon guys, its not that bad
  13. 1170% of your daily sodium, yum.
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  14. I looked at both of them and strangely, although I probably wouldn't half of those, I am now hungry.. o3o ..
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  15. I saw this and had to stop looking after the thing after the canned bread. I have eaten potted meat, it's not that bad, just salty. The chicken didn't bother me too bad, I've had vienna sausages, Spam and Treat, I just rinse the goop off them. Woo #poorpeoplefood

    As for the stuff with live animals and live animals forced to be cooked in stuff, :( That is sad.
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  16. I see your infinite perfect loop and raise you another.. o3o
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  17. Sad, what we've come to. Though this is pretty much me:
    Canned chicken, kinda funny, actually.
    Squeeze-Bacon? Hmm, sounds cooler than it looks.
    You know, this list isn't actually that- GAH! That thing has TEETH!
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  18. Also, my dad likes this stuff, also known as "Head-Cheese", and I remember as a kid when my family did "Hog Killin' " (we used every single part or gave it to people who would use it who helped out), we had hog/pork brains.

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  19. Plants Vs. Zombies was right... Brains ARE high in cholesterol.
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