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  1. Hello EMC.

    Today I was just messing around with a Canon T3i (18-55mm lens) and I took some shots of my Surface Pro 4.

    I noticed a few things that didn't turn out as nice as I'd like and I would appreciate some advice on fixing them:

    1) The lighting wasn't consistent from shot to shot. For example, some shots had the nice even white lighting and some shots came out dimmer and yellow. The lighting in real life where I was shooting never changed at all. Any tricks to balance this so it all turns out nice and evenly white?

    2) My panning didn't come out perfectly smooth. I tried to mend this by periodically speeding up or slowing down the footage in areas where it was uneven and you can hardly notice that it was shaky in the final product, but is there a more elegant way to fix this than what I did? I think a stabilization method would be better than having to manually adjust the playback speed to compensate. I was just using a standard tripod with an arm on it.

    If anyone who is more experienced than I (I'm novice at best with photography/cinematography) could offer me advice on my mistakes or point out anything else I did wrong and how I should improve, I would greatly appreciate it!

  2. 1. Needs more birds
    2. A backdrop (white bedsheet cloth, etc.) may help with background lighting issues
    3. Alternatively, try to have all windows to your back so the camera doesn't have to adjust to changes.
    4. I don't know fluff about panning
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  3. Thanks for the advice!

    1) Of course it does.

    2) The thing I'm confused about is how some of the shots have nice even white lighting and some are yellow and dim. If half of them are nice, what could have gone wrong with the others?

    3) There's two windows in front of me and two behind me.

    4) Me neither
  4. I hope it goes well
  5. I first suggest you read that little booklet that came with your camera.

    you need to learn about white balance, aperture ,exposure, iso(digital light) these are the things making your shots all differnt (the yellow is the white balance, darkness/brightness is your aperture/exposure balance, grainy(pixelated images (should only see it in low-light) is due to your iso).

    Basically read the manual first.

    the yellow is caused by the tungsten bulbs in your house, you need to adjustyour white balance to the tungsten bulb, but take note any other light input in the shot will corrupt the balance, which is why you need a sterile neutral area, using backdrops and pure artificial lighting then setting your own white-balance from white-balance pictures will give you perfect results every time.
  6. My camera is pretty low quality but I do know that a common lighting problem happened for me on auto lighting adjustment. You may have better luck keeping the light adjustments static? Just a random thought.

    Looks better than mine could record, though. I mean, if you haven't seen my post in show your desk, I basically live under a rock still, tech wise.
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