Feed The Beast/ Tekkit discussion thread

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which is better?

Feed the Beast 24 vote(s) 75.0%
Tekkit 8 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. before you start, this isnt about getting it for EMC or anything. this is about what you think of it, i want to know a few things about both, and the peoples feedback, please do not post in this thread if your going to talk about getting a server for EMC, that was not my intention and never will be.
  2. VITIRI wont stop playing this......
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  3. What the hell is Feed the Beast?
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  4. I've wondered that too. I sometimes watch this Aussie stream it on Twitch.tv but I don't get what it is exactly because all I see him do is abuse his girlfriend while she screams and runs from everything and blows the house up.

    And the images I've seen, there were trees made of pistons...

    Edit: Just found this...still confused. http://feed-the-beast.com/
  5. thats what i said, then i searched it, realized i had happened upon it back in may.

    its more like a ripoff version of tekkit, except they have permission for stuff, and forestry.
  6. This is the first time I have heard of Feed the Beast.
  7. I've been watching so much Feed The Best lately mainly Coe/Avidya and the Mindcrack guys, I just wish my computer could handle it.
  8. i should talk to him about taht some time :3 and which one? tekkit or FTB?
  9. FTB was released just weeks ago. It was released with 1.3 I think maybe 1.4. It does not have equivalent exchange and so people hate it. But IMO it is far superior to tekkit in every way. And it has portal guns!
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  10. i run a computer thats pretty much the same thing as an alienware, only 8GB instead of 16GB.

    i get like 12-20fps running it on big servers, so i dont find it very fun :p
  11. it didnt just come out weeks ago, i knew about it along time ago, just dismissed it because at the time i was still a noob, and didnt know anything.
  12. It was announced long ago but was only released weeks ago.
  13. meh, probably another reason i shot it down.
  14. Feed the beast has been around just as long if not longer than tekkit. Before it was a mod pack, which was what was officially released weeks ago, as well as the server modpack, it was a competition VS. Map. Which included a group of mods including Forestry, Equivalent Exchange, Red Power, and Build craft among others.

    Its biggest great plus over tekkit, is that FTB has a goal of staying updated with the latest Minecraft version, where as Tekkit has no plans of moving past 1.2.5. Also, feed the beast WILL have EE3 and RP2 once the mods are updated for 1.4.5. So the fact it does not have EE is not a real reason for people not to like it, as it will eventually.

    It is far more stable than tekkit, as the FTB developers actually got all of the permissions and assistance from the Mod developers for the mods to work together as much as possible, making it much more stable. But, with its recent release as a mod pack rather than just a vs. map, it has boosted in popularity.

    Essentially... FTB is the new Tekkit in a sense. Because it has all the same mods, but with even more, and is much more stable, and is updated.
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  15. 1. EE2 hasn't updated to 1.3.1/1.3.2/1.4.1/1.4.2/1.4.3/1.4.5 Still in 1.2.5
    2. In Tekkit, the stole the mods. In FTB they know!
    3. FTB=Shorter than Tekkit But Better.
    4. Direwolf20 is doing something sortof like FTB, He will soon.
    5. Anyone have a server for FTB?
    6. I shouldn't have said that.
    7. I'm gonna let ISMOOCH take the rest.
  16. Thats because there is no more EE2, its EE3. Which FTB will have soon enough, probably right after the turn of the year.
    If you really think FTB is shorter, you are doing it wrong. I have been playing for hours everday the last week or so, and still have a long ways to go to even be considered doing well, and thats with another person and myself working on it. Forestry and Bees, and Twilight Worlds add so much more to do than tekkit could ever think of.
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  17. Something about Red Power from the maker of Feed The Beast:

    Red Power 2 News

    So I have recently received further news about the release of Red Power 2. It has apparently been decided that release of the mod has been delayed until after the 21st December 2012. Apparently there are fears that if Eloraam was to release now, the amount of data being downloaded at one time would effectively bring down the internet. This would lead to a chain of events that would cumulate in the end of world. It is hoped that by delaying the upcoming release of Red Power we can avoid this disaster and may get to see a future where we finally get to a point where FTB can release a stable mod pack, the hard work of Pahimar and Soaryn isn't wasted and we all get to see the amazing looking Equivalent Exchange and Xycraft, and Notch and Jeb finally give the mod developers a few weeks to breathe by not releasing a new version or update to Minecraft (OK sorry, I admit it, the last one is a dream). Anyways, you can all relax for the next few weeks, give your F5 key a much earned break and enjoy the awesome mods that are already out there.
    December 11, 2012, 9:38
    Also I heard EE is going to take some time as the creator wants it less OP and is making it from scratch.
  18. Ermahgerd, Ferdtherberst
    I don't like feed the beast...
  19. its not about if you dont like it, its about WHY you dont. its more of a which is better question.
  20. He may be referring to the name:p