February 2018 Member of the Month: haastregt

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Thank you haastregt, on being the first person to kindly welcome me into EMC. You are a great person, well deserved!
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  2. #TeamCAKE

    Congrats Haas
  3. Congrats Haas. Always thought we made good pals, if not at the least friendly. Well deserved award.
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  4. Way to go Haas! Enjoy your month!
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  5. yey haas!

    it was super fun to play ToS with you and Ritunn, hope we get to do that again. I've had some funny games since then :p Enjoy your month!
  6. Woot woot! Incredibly pleased with the Event Team's choice. Good to see you getting some formal recognition, haas. Fully deserved.
  7. Maybe a bit late, but I want to still post a proper response instead of a rushed rambling that I quickly typed out on mobile. :p

    So, to start off, I am flattered by being picked for MotM. I also love the personalized text at the OP, I think that is a good touch to these threads :).
    I also really appreciate all your nice comments, they really mean something to me! You are all lovely and great to hang out with, without you guys I wouldn't be here myself either ;).
    Haha, I remember that! :p I'm glad you are still here enjoying EMC!
    I fully approve those hashtags. However, I have some sad news. I died on endertopia yesterday, the cake dropped from my head... RIP Haastregts Head-Cake, 2018 - 2018.
    I guess eviltoade can put a 'silly you'-head shake on my head now, for dying on an XP-farm :p
    I enjoyed that too! Maybe sometime when I see you on discord again ;).
    "A person who knows a lot about and enjoys one of the arts, or food, drink, etc. and can judge quality and skill in that subject." But instead of food or drinks, Krysyy referred to the forums. Don't worry, I had to look up this word too :p
    Haha! At least the yoghurt reference doesn't sound like a mad Dutchman with speech problems, like how Jewel greets me :rolleyes:. Also, I think yoghurt kinda fits that arctic fox colour, it might actually suit me :)!
    Oh! I suddenly remember I left something in the oven, I am afraid I can't answer this now then...
    *quickly hides all stroopwaffleblasters and windmilltorpedos*
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  8. Congratulations dude!
  9. gg? lol good job
  10. Well Done Haastregt, but it should have ME hehehehehehehehehehe
  11. Congrats!!!! Job Well Done =)