FDNY21 needs...YOUR help for an upcoming event!

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  1. Well hey there fellow EmpireCraftian. I need your help!

    So, basically it is my EMC year soon. Therefore, I would like to do an event. I would like all of you guys to comment your ideas for my EMC year event, so that we can make it the most fun experience for everyone!

    The event will take place on smp9, but the date and res and the ideas for the event still need to be decided. I will make a new thread when everything is finalized :)

    One other thing is prizes of course. So far, I was going to put in a beacon and/or stable voucher, however we will need more. If anyone can donate to the event, please pm me with what you want to give or have paid to me for the event :) The more donations, the more fun everyone will have so your donations really do make a difference.

    So in short, please pop me an idea for the event (Please not drop parties, maybe a Maze? what kind of maze? Give me your ideas!) and also pop me a private message for any donations! Thanks to everyone who is supporting this event, and gives me some ideas to think about! FDNY21 out!

    Small edit: I believe my year on EMC is 24th November (Sunday)? :p Actually thanks to some guy who checked for me on my profile it is 25th November (Monday) but the event will probably take place a couple of days before/saturday after :)
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  2. I might be able to rent out a building for you. I have a few hook ups and I can rent you out a major party plave.
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  3. I was thinking of doing some kind of maze or something (edit, of course something could be alot of other things as I am getting the community to help:)) - but at the minute before we arrange anything I want to accumulate the ideas and get a better idea of what everyone would like to see :)
  4. I would like to see a DP (drop party) ?
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  6. If you want I could let you use 1148 to host the event :)
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  7. Oh sorry haha, im feeling very tired : ) Yes a maze would be a good idea if you have the time to make em.
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  8. I have a crazy idea. So crazy, it just might work. 2 maze designs, one biomed themed and one is 3 dimensional
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    It says the date you joined on your profile.
    I might be able to help if I get a chance. ;)
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  10. Ah yes I remember it does say now :) Thanks! November the 25th is a Monday...I would be on but probably too tired for a party so I will probably do the event on saturday the 23rd or 30th, but we need to decide an event first! :)
  11. So at the minute we got a couple vouching for a maze. Please keep more ideas coming in, and please donate so everyone can benefit from this fun event :) Off for the night, so I will be on to check on the ideas tomorrow! Keep it going and night all ;)
  12. I could donate a residence for spleef :p
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  13. November 24th :p
    Glass maze? :3
  14. You're evil.
    I could just make a simple auto spleef arena for this, and I have some ideas to put a twist to it :)
  15. So far we have spleef, maze, possibly a glass maze! I am liking the evil idea there jacob ;) Keep the ideas rolling in! Donations still needed for new prizes! FDNY Bump :D
  16. Still in need of ideas! :)
  17. 18884 Auto spleef arena party. there ya go !
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  18. So far we have spleef, maze and glass maze :) I think a glass maze would be very...evil xD What does everyone else think? Reply to this thread and give me your thoughts :D
  19. you would have to cross over to smp8 to do it but i could give ya perms for my third and fourth res's. my 4th has a maze tower with 6 levels and a maze with invisable walls(carpet floor with fences under it). my third has a bunch of parkour courses and they are pretty easy to host races on. another idea is find a res and hide chests with prizes and access everyone signs. only problem with the chests is would have to set up right before the event or keep the res move- after chests are placed until the event. also summoning some withers and hunting em as a group and letting whoever catches the star keep it is a fun event.
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  20. Thanks corrupted! I like the idea of hiding chests actually...so we got mazes, spleef, or hide and seek :) Anyone have preference? More ideas welcome!