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  1. Who are your favourite gamers on youtube? it can be minecraft or non minecraft related. which ones do you like and dislike. I mainly watch Uberhaxornova, Thesyndicateproject, Fearcrads, KSI and sometimes pewdiepie. i also like many of the machinima respawn with Sark and APL. i dislike Toby turner simply because he is not funny at all. Also i dont really watch Yogscast although i have nothing against them.
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  2. TheSyndicateProject, Whiteboy7thst (Cause he lives in Wisconsin), The Crew(Im Jahova, MsHeartAttack, Kyr Sp33dy, Nobody Epic, Deluxe 20/4) And MinnesotaBurns
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  3. I watch Bdouble0100, and by extention Guude.
    For KSP, I watch Kurtjmac.
    For party games, I watch TheRunawayGuys.
    I never watch ProtonJon even though I like him more than Chuggaaconroy.
    Surprisingly, I watch Chuggaaconroy.
    I watch NCS.
    I watched some guy play terraria once, he was really bad at making jokes and he made a lot of awkward comments. He was also horrible at games, having 6 hammers in his inventory because he "lost" them.
    I watched some group of three people play Terraria 1.1, don't remember their channel. Was Lewis, Daniel and Alex. They were all mean to Alex even though he was easily the most competent player. Lewis was a jerk and a fool.
  4. I forgot KYRSP33Dy watching him now :D
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  5. Two Friends Play Video Games are pretty funny, but they cuss a lot. :rolleyes:
    I like Tobuscus because of how bad he is at games.
    Other than that, I prefer to be playing the game, than watching someone play the game instead.
  6. I would have to say Iamsaj for this one :)
  7. Tobuscus isn't bad at games.
    He's not stupid, either.
    He just pretends to be stupid and bad at games because it's "funny" or something.

    It's not funny.
  8. Totally agree:D
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  9. Ethoslab
    yogscast lalna
    Two freinds play games
    I mainly watch Etho and Pewdiepie because they have the more up to date content. Also, I like to watch Pewdie scream to a good ol Horrow game :p
  10. I watch all of the yogscast members because my sense of humor is the same, and they play good games.
    I watch Ethoslab, and his videos basically taught me how to use redstone.
    I watch CavemanFilms too.
    Chimneyswift11 is meh. I used to watch him all the time but his jokes aren't funny anymore and his series are boring now.
    I watch Antvenom sometimes.
    PewDiePie. He is funny as fudge and his girlfriend is hot :p
  11. Lol tell me about it, I love the video where he plays Slender with Martizia :p
  12. EthosLab

    That is pretty much all the people I watch
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  13. Paulsoaresjr FTW
    Also Skydoesminecraft
    He mainly does mod reviews and sometimes plays minecraft, but he is funny as heck :p.
    BUDDER ( you will get it when you watch his videos enough)
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  14. I forgot kuledud3.
  15. Yogscast
    Cpt. Sparklez
    George Hoff
  16. Sky Army.
    Annoying Squid
    Budder Golem.
    'Nuff 'Sed
  17. I have never heard of half of the people :L . Probably because i dont watch many people who play minecraft apart from nova. doesn't seem like anyone watches machinima respawn anymore, Inbox is just too funny.
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  18. Its not butter, its BUDDER.
  19. :O Ahh! I made a Giant Typo! *Fixes*
  20. The sky mod :p BUDDER ARMOR!!